Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on Andrew

For those of you interested in Andrew’s trip to Japan . . .

Last week, his group spent several days in the northern area where the tsunami hit. He said he got lots of pictures, but he doesn’t have his own computer with him, so he can’t upload them until he gets home. The other young man with him wrote that there weren’t many people left in the places hit hardest by the wave, but they were able to talk with some of the ones still there, and with the people who still live in the areas on higher ground nearby. The towns on the coast were just obliterated, as we already know.

Before the group got back to Kobe, where the Harrises live, some of them climbed Mount Fuji, including Andrew. He said it took 8 hours to go up, but only 2 1/2 hours to come back down!


Today his Facebook status said he’s leaving on Wednesday from Tokyo and will arrive on Wednesday in Los Angeles at the same time he leaves Tokyo! That International Dateline stuff messes with my brain!

A week from Saturday, Andrew will fly here to help in our Vacation Bible School August 8th-11th. While he’s here, I’d like to talk with him about his trip and share some of his experiences with you. Hopefully I can get some of his pictures too.

Thank you for praying for our boy on this trip! He has two more days, then a long flight back home, so I’d appreciate it if you’d keep praying!

Photo from Wikipedia article on Mount Fuji


  1. What an amazing opportunity for your son. I'll look forward to hearing more. My heart hurts for the dear people of Japan who have suffered so much after the earthquake.

  2. What an adventure! I do pray for safe travels.

  3. Becky ~ Yes, it does hurt our hearts for people so suddenly and completely displaced. I'm glad my son had the chance to see something besides the relative affluence of North America!

    Barbara ~ He is having the time of his life! I'm glad he got to go, even if he was so tired from that really busy week before!

  4. What an amazing opportunity for him! (o:


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