Thursday, July 07, 2011

Three New Names . . .

Our Youth Conference is over, and later I’ll have a little photo/video montage that Wes made, but I have wonderful news that just won’t wait!

Last night we had THREE people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!!!!!!

The first was Ruby, the mother of two children who ride our bus. I first got to know Ruby in April, when her boys began riding our bus. In May, she had a severe reaction to a medication given to her for a migraine. She told me that she nearly died. I asked her that night what would have happened to her if she had died. She replied that it would have been bad, because she couldn’t go to Heaven because she was mad at God for some circumstances in her life. That night I began praying for Ruby to be saved, joining several other people in our church already praying for her. Ruby began coming to church, and our people began befriending her. Last night, Pastor Stone delivered a clear Gospel presentation during his sermon, and Ruby came forward weeping, knowing she needed to be saved. Our youth pastor’s wife, Sarah, had the privilege of leading her to the Lord!

After the service, Pastor Stone began talking to one of the teen boys. They sat down on the front row, and after dealing with the boy for several minutes, Merritt was also saved! He’s one of our bus riders who just promoted to grade 7. Last night was his first church service in the youth department. He sure was excited that he got saved!

Lastly, but certainly not least, one of our church members left a message this morning that her daughter, Brianna, had come to her last night and said she couldn’t sleep in the dark because she was a pretender. This was the topic of Pastor Stone’s message Monday night – Who Are You Really? – and Brianna had been thinking about that sermon for two days. She knew she wasn’t saved and wanted to be saved last night. Praise the Lord for her tender heart and for God’s conviction!

We also had various decisions made for the Lord during Youth Conference. It’s been an exciting week! Today we’ll be busy getting back to a normal routine after three days at the church. Have a great day!


  1. Whoo hoo! Rejoicing with you. ;)

  2. Praise the Lord!! What a wonderful post - thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful! I have been praying for you.


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