Thursday, July 21, 2011

That Affiliate Business

Thank you all for leaving such sweet comments yesterday! I appreciate the kindness of each one, I assure you.

This post is just a little matter of bloggy business, the business of affiliate links. I’ve been an affiliate for for years now, and occasionally I’ve waded into Amazon or some other business. Some of you have ordered through my links – thank you! Now I’m working on revamping my blog a little and figured it’s a good time to take off some affiliates and add another one.

A few months ago I discovered Greg Howlett, a Christian pianist who arranges and plays beautiful, conservative piano music. He has a wide variety of teaching DVDs on his website, all produced with the church pianist in mind. quietplaceGreg has also recorded five CDs of his own arrangements! If you love conservative, Christ-honoring piano/orchestra music, you will love these CDs. And if you just want to check out his teaching style or content, you can take a look at the free lessons available on the site. Now, can you guess who my latest affiliate is?!!

I’m not out to make millions off of affiliate links (is that even possible???), but if you are buying something from Christianbook or are interested in Greg’s music or teaching DVDs, I’d appreciate the commission I would earn – at no charge to you, of course. You can click through the above links, or you can find them on my right sidebar. Thanks!

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