Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not This Time

Well, we didn’t get the condo we were hoping for. That was a bit of a disappointment. The property manager says she can’t even find our application. I am taking that as the Lord’s direction, since Wes has the email proof that we sent the application. There’s another unit coming open in August in that building, but we doubt we’ll be able to afford it, since this condo was at an extremely good price.

So we’re back to making calls and looking at places again. We’ve been doing this for a month already! After Sunday, due to having to give a 30-day notice, we’ll most likely have to wait till October to move.

The adventure continues!


  1. I'm very sorry.......But don't lose heart, I'm sure there is something *wonderful* out there for you. (o:

  2. I'm sorry! God has the perfect place for you! Hope you find it soon.

  3. I know it must be frustrating but you're right God must have something much better in store for you!

  4. That's a disappointment, but it obviously isn't the Lord's will. He'll open up the perfect place!

  5. Michele ~ I tend to go way up & then crash way down on things like this!

    Tammy ~ I hope so too! We had hoped to have given our 30 day notice by now.

    Margaret ~ I know the Lord knows what's going on and He knows just where we are. It's the waiting I'm not too good at!

    Barbara ~ I know He will - thank you!

  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear about the condo. But, the Lord surely has one that's better for you. Looking forward to seeing some photos of it when you do find it.

  7. Keep praying... there will be better! I'm confident:0) Those pictures from Japan are amazing!


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