Monday, July 18, 2011

In Japan . . .


As I write this, we’ve just received a message from our son Andrew that he is safely in Japan! I wrote about his desire to go on a mission trip to Japan a few weeks ago. After thinking he wouldn’t get to go, Andrew left Saturday morning, our time, and he was just able to send a message to us about an hour ago. I’m not sure exactly when he arrived, but I do know it’s a long trip. And I also know he was very tired before he even left!

This time last week, Andrew had resigned himself to not going to Japan after all. He’d only raised a small part of the money he’d need to go, and there was no way to raise the rest in the few days left before his flight would be leaving. He met with Bro. David Harris, the missionary with whom he is working on this trip, and told him the situation. Bro. Harris agreed that it was best that Andrew just resign himself to not going and plan to go another time. To be honest, I was relieved he wasn’t going. He’s been working almost double hours for the past two weeks, 262001_10150244900451087_516246086_7955488_4386056_npreparing for and working in the live-stream room during the Spiritual Leadership Conference. He was just dog-tired, and being his mama, I wanted him to rest. This is how he looked Friday morning, after SLC was over!

But . . . Andrew got a message from Sam to call Bro. Harris that afternoon. Someone had gotten Andrew a free ticket! He had raised enough for the recommended amount of spending money for the trip; he just lacked the price for the ticket, which was most of the cost of the trip. Now a free ticket was in his hand, and there was no obstacle in the way of his going on the trip! He called Wes and asked what he’d do. Well, since his fare was covered and he had enough for spending money in Japan . . . Wes said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so he should take it!

So he was on his way Saturday morning. Another young man was on the trip, as well as Bro. Harris and his daughter Jannah. In his message this evening Andrew said he’d arrived safely and they were getting ready to head north to the tsunami area . . . and they were driving through a typhoon! He actually put a smiley after that!

He has his camera with him, so I expect some great pictures. As I hear from him, I’ll let you know what he’s experiencing. For a mom who didn’t want him to go, I’m quite excited about the trip now! Please pray for the group’s safety, for their ability to help those in need, and for their witness to be fruitful to the people in the affected area!


  1. Oh Susan.. that's wonderful that he got to go! I'm sure that it will be a life-changing experience for him, and that God will work in his heart. Can't wait to see some pictures!

  2. We're glad he got to go after all. From the pictures I've seen so far, he seems to be enjoying himself. He looks a lot better after some rest than he did last Friday! I just posted some pictures from the first day of traveling north to the disaster area.


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