Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Today is our son Andrew’s 20th birthday!

We’re so proud of the man he has become. I don’t often tell about my children’s various accomplishments, because I don’t want to be one of “those” moms, but on his birthday, I think it would be ok to brag on Andrew a little bit and tell you what he’s been up to lately.

Andrew has been working in the graphics department at Lancaster Baptist Church for the past two years. 228325_1983077306509_1530516134_2159078_2029829_nHe has a part in designing much of the literature that is used at the church. He also designed several book covers for new books being published this year by various staff members; these books are being released this week during Lancaster’s Spiritual Leadership Conference. This has turned out to be a 40+ hour per week job, especially during this busy time right before Leadership Conference. And he still works at least 40 hours a week during the school year while taking a full course load. Wes and I are so proud of his hard work! He loves his job, and he is learning much about graphic design as he works with more experienced designers.

Andrew also has a heart for people. He loves to do things for others. I don’t know how many people I’ve met at Lancaster who have told me what a blessing Andrew has been to them. There’s no better thing for a mother’s heart than to hear her son praised by those he is around all the time!

We won’t get to talk to Andrew today because of the busyness surrounding the start of Leadership Conference, but we’ve sent him cards, texted him, and talked with him last week on the phone. He’ll be home in a few weeks to help with our Vacation Bible School, so we’ll love on him when he gets here!

Happy 20th Birthday, Andrew!

We love you and are very proud of you!

The picture I used in this post was taken at Sam’s graduation by Andrew himself. It’s the latest photo we have of him, but we didn’t have one of just him, so I cropped it!


  1. Happy birthday to Andrew!

  2. Happy Birthday to Andrew! Sounds like one busy, talented guy!

  3. Happy Birthday Andrew!

    Phil. 4:13


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