Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Leg of the Trip

This morning I discovered that one of the girls in the group that Andrew is traveling with in Japan had posted some pictures to her Facebook page and tagged Andrew in some of them. I sent her a message asking if I could “lift” those pics from her page to use them on my blog. She was fine with it, so now I’m sharing them with you. The only story I know behind them is that the group was on their way north, a 10-hour trip from what I understand.

The pictures begin on Sunday, then move to the first leg of their trip to the disaster area, and end with the end of their first day of traveling. Andrew is the tall thin one in the orange shirt. The three blond girls in the group are Bro. Harris’ daughters, who also attend West Coast Baptist College and are good friends with our children. The dark-haired girl is the one who posted the pictures. The guy with Andrew is the other young man from West Coast who went on the trip. And I believe Bro. Harris is with them, as I saw him in a few of the pictures; I’m pretty sure he’s the one behind the camera for these.









  1. No way! I know that other guy on the trip. His dad is a surgeon in Pennsylvania. We are good friends with his parents(the Turners), and just talked to them a few weeks ago. How neat!

  2. Isn't that amazing?! LOL Did you know he was going to Japan? I just saw a message from the girl who took these pictures. They are back from the tsunami area . . . and she says her life has been changed. Can't wait to see pics and hear Andrew's reaction!


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