Thursday, July 07, 2011

Extreme Human Bobble Head

Here's just one video taken at Youth Conference. The game we were playing was called Bobble Head. The participant wears a headband with a pedometer attached to it. They nod their head up and down to make the pedometer click and count "steps." The winner is the one who gets the most steps. We just couldn't believe this guy! Make sure you watch to the end to see how many steps he gets!


  1. Oh, man! I hate to think what his head and neck must have felt like after that!

  2. Oh that was funny!!! So sweet to see a congregation having a bit of fun together!

  3. lol Hope he didn't damage his brain!

  4. I can't get it to load for some reason, but it sounds hilarious!

  5. So funny!
    That gives a whole new meaning to rubbernecking!


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