Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Canada Day Picnic

We had a great time at our church’s Canada Day Picnic! Almost everyone was able to be there, and we even had some families come who have only visited a few times. Wes and I got to the park around 10:30 that morning to begin setting up the grills and tables and such. Some folks were already there, so we had plenty of help. We ate around 12:30 – burgers and hot dogs with all the fixin’s – then played volleyball and softball and relaxed in the shade. I tell ya, those volleyball games sure do make some memories! LOL I am NOT a volleyball player, but every year I get out there thinking that maybe I have magically improved over the year. And every year I find that I haven’t. I also get my one and only “tan” for the summer on Canada Day. I burn, then it goes away and I’m just as white as ever. The joy of being a red-head.

Here are some pictures from our day . . .


Wes & one of our men doing the grilling


A couple of visitors receiving a helping hand from one of our members




One of our ladies asked if I’d be willing to wear a Canada Day hat. This is the result of my being a good sport! You can’t see it in the picture, but the maple leaf lights and blinks.


Wes doing what he does best on a warm summer afternoon!


  1. We had our church Fourth of July cookout yesterday and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, it was over 100 degrees so we only went outside for short periods of time and then retreated to the air conditioned indoors where we kept most of the food. I love to see these events--food fun and fellowship!! You look quite charming in your Canada Day hat!!

  2. Oh, I remember those hot hot 100+ degree days! I don't miss them at all!

  3. Looks like fun! You are indeed a good sport!

  4. Thanks, Barbara! I knew it was going to be something crazy when I agreed to wear it, so I set myself up for it! ;)

  5. So glad you all had a great time.


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