Monday, June 20, 2011

Sometimes It's the Little Things

Heart From Roses by Petr Kratochvil

So often we wives get caught up in romance movies or novels and we wonder why our men aren't as romantic as the ones in those fictional stories. Lately I've been thinking about how some men treat their wives and how well my man treats me. Just today, as I've been getting ready to leave for my trip, Wes has done several things for me that say, "I love you!" so clearly that I don't need him to buy me flowers or candy or any of those other things that we think of as romance!

~ He filled up the car with gas for me
~ He gave me a little extra money "just in case" - he said he doesn't like for me to be out with no extra money should I need it
~ I started to clean up the car, and he vacuumed it for me without saying a word
~ He got out the little cooler I'll be using to pack my lunch before I had a chance to get it
~ He is printing out a map for me with detailed directions
~ He told me the best places to buy gas along the way
~ He's being a big flirt! ;)

Now I don't mind getting flowers and things like that, but these little things he does to take care of me are just as special . . . if I take the time to see them! Sometimes we don't see the little things because we're looking for the big things!

What kind of things has your husband done lately that show that he loves you? Let him know you appreciate them (I did!) and see the true romance in your life!


  1. Hi Susan ~ I think I've told you this before whenever you've written about how thoughtful Wes is. I think he and Tom could be twins!! My husband does all this same stuff when I get ready to go on a trip or just anytime really. I appreciate him so much! So I know exactly what you mean about your husband. I hope you have a wonderful trip and a good time all week!

  2. I have another blogger friend who says the same thing about her husband - so we must have triplet husbands! LOL They are wonderful, godly men. Praise God for them!

  3. I do not get alot in the way of flowers and such but, I look at what I do have and I am thankful. I never EVER get gas in my car.. I literally have filled my car up like six times in 9 years. I always see these young girls pumping their gas with thier men sitting in the passenger seat and I wanna tell them "dont settle for that girl" LOL

  4. Oh, I agree with you, Kristy! Between my husband and 2 boys, I rarely have to pump my own gas. Neither do I take out the trash. I don't get flowers very often either. I don't know anyone who does, now that I think of it! LOL But I know lots of good guys who take care of their wives in the little things.

  5. My husband does much the same thing. If he is in my car when the gas is low, he always fills it up for me. He's very thoughtful in the same ways Wes is. Sun. morning I was home from church not feeling well, and I found out later he had his phone on vibrate instead of off during the service in case I needed him. The last time we were getting ready for company, he discovered my to-do list while I was at the store and had several items on it finished by the time I got back.

    We're truly blessed, aren't we?

    Have fun on your trip!

  6. Scott is working-out with me. I know he is doing it to get in shape too but it would be more convenient for him to use the gym at work. Instead he comes home and does it with me.

  7. The hubs opens my car door for me, he usually hold open doors for me, but you are so right. It really is the very small things that say the most.


  8. You all have wonderful husbands - all the good men aren't gone! ;) Thanks for sharing all that your husbands do for you!


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