Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Most of you know I went to a Pastors' Wives retreat last week. I've never been on one before . . . but, Lord willing, I will go on one again! It was wonderful! There were 12 of us attending. There was a 13th lady scheduled to be there, but she had to cancel at the last minute. I just met that lady last month on our way home from our vacation, and I was really looking forward to getting to know her better, so I was disappointed that she couldn't come. And then I found out that she was to have been my roommate! So then I was doubly disappointed.

PW Retreat 2011-20
The view from the front of the lodge. This is a small section of Kootenay Lake in southeastern BC. We had to take a ferry to cross the lake!

I did get to meet another blogger, though! I got to meet Kristy of Canadian Chonicles. She and her husband started Hinton Baptist Church in Hinton, Alberta, three years ago. I loved getting to meet her and enjoyed taking a hike with her and another pastor's wife one afternoon. She's also from the south - Alabama - so we had that much in common besides being pastors' wives who have helped our husbands start churches in another country! Kristy was such a blessing to me as she shared all the ways God has answered her prayers - thanks, Kristy!

PW Retreat 2011-16
My hiking partners, Bev and Kristy. We were on top of a point overlooking the lake. There's a little outdoor chapel up there.

Other than missing one of the ladies the week was one delight after another. We had breakfast at 8:00 each morning, and then we had a time of prayer together, divided into different groups of four each morning. After prayer, we had free time till lunch, but on Thursday morning we had a question-and-answer time with those ladies who are more experienced in the ministry. We had many enlightening discussions about whether these ladies are older or just more experienced; we settled on more experienced! ;) That was one of our favorite times, because we not only learned some practical things for dealing with everyday life, but we also learned that others have been down the same path we're walking and we're not alone!

After lunch we had more free time. We were free to chat with each other, play games, take hikes, go canoeing (not my thing at all!), read, or sleep. I napped a couple of afternoons; it was nice! 
PW Retreat 2011-23
The volleyball court was under water! The lake levels are higher than normal this year, and there is still snow pack on the surrounding mountains.

At about 3:00 we gathered for a teaching DVD. The choice for this year was three sessions from Quieting a Noisy Soul
By Jim Berg. I found the teaching from this DVD to be excellent, and one of them was exactly what I needed. I want to get the entire set now!
PW Retreat 2011-31
Some of the ladies relaxing and fellowshipping. The young woman on the left is our assistant pastor's wife. They're expecting their first baby and I can't wait!

We also had two evening sessions each night. One was taught by a pastor, and the other was taught by his wife. Each of these sessions was good too, especially since we could ask any questions we wanted to. At first I was a little unsure about having men speak at a ladies' conference, but it turned out to be great. These were more like classes rather than preaching, and we knew each of the pastors, so it was like listening to a trusted friend.

After the evening sessions the desserts were laid out and we had fun! A couple of nights we were visited by Peppermint Patricia and Glorious Gloria, which was such an honor! ;) Those ladies taught us much about being pastors' wives, especially in the area of haute couture fashion! ;)
PW Retreat 2011-38
Peppermint Patricia and Glorious Gloria. Real name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent!

Our food was all "girl food:" fancy salads and soups, delicious lasagnas and grilled chicken . . . all the stuff that men don't really like all that much! There wasn't one hot dog served all week! ;) The desserts were fantastic too - cheesecake, homemade cookies, fruit bars, pudding desserts. All so good!

I left feeling refreshed and ready to work again. We commented over and over how nice it was to sit and chat together, something we don't get to do often. The closest any of us live to any of the others is two hours; not much chance for fellowship in that. We see each other at preacher fellowships once or twice a year, and sometimes one or two of our churches will get together for a revival or conference of some sort, but we wives don't have much chance to really connect with each other. Now we have this fellowship to build upon, and I think it means a lot to most of us. I'm so glad the Lord laid it on some of our husbands' hearts that we needed this time, and that they made a way for us to go.


  1. Looks like a fun time! The scenery is *gorgeous*!--I'm glad you had a good time. (o:

  2. Susan ~ sounds like a fun and relaxing time for you! Great! And that first picture --how beautiful!! You were in a really pretty place to enjoy God's creation all week. Glad that you were refreshed.

  3. It sounds like you had a fantastic time - a retreat that really was a retreat! So often "retreats" are so jam-packed with activities and sessions that you need a vacation from the retreat when you get back! :D

  4. AQGL ~ The scenery all the way down - a 7-hour drive - was just as beautiful as it was at the lodge. We commented all the way down how beautiful everything was!

    Deb ~ It was a really refreshing time. I wish ladies' conferences in general were more like this!

    Tammy ~ You are so right! Most of the ladies' retreats I've been to have been non-stop sessions and activities. It was nice to just relax along with getting the good teaching.

  5. So nice to meet you Susan... it was really a great time, and I also came home refreshed. Please pray for us as the Tent Meeting starts Wednesday. Maybe you should come out to Hinton sometime:) It's only 8 hours.

    Praying for the Youth Conference!

  6. Kristy ~ We'll be praying for your tent meeting. I'm hoping we'll get over to Hinton sometime. Eight hours isn't bad at all considering how big BC and Alberta are! :) Thanks for praying for our youth conference too.


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