Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Have a Graduate!

Today we watched our older son graduate from West Coast Baptist College! I can honestly say this day has been a highlight of our life! I loved watching him as he waited in line for his name to be called to receive his diploma - I know his face, and the grin on it told me how excited he was! We enjoyed lunch on campus, and at 3:00 Sam left for the summer in a tour group promoting the college. I didn't cry during the graduation like I thought I would - way too excited to cry! - and only a little when Sam left for tour. It's just been an incredible day. My heart is full of gratitude to the Lord for what He has done!

We've had a whirlwind of a week, and now we're about to have dinner one last time with my parents and my in-laws before they fly back east tomorrow morning. I will help Beth move into the dorms tomorrow while Wes drives his parents to the airport. Beth will take her road test for her California driver's license Friday morning. And then Wes and I will leave on Saturday morning. Saturday morning won't be easy, but I know from past experience that the Lord will give grace when the need arrives.

Everyone has been super helpful getting Beth prepared to stay here for the summer. She has her work-study job lined up for the summer on the Blue Crew (the cleaning crew). She is guaranteed 10 hours a week, and may get up to 40 hours per week over the summer. Her jewelry shop is doing well, and we're praying that the Lord will continue to bless that avenue of work so that she can stay on campus and not even have to work off campus at all during this first year. I don't like to toot our own horn on my blog, but seriously, if you need quality handmade jewelry, please consider Beth. You'd be helping to support a poor Bible college student! ;)

We took lots of pictures of the graduation. Andrew took them all, and I think he still has the camera on campus. He'll get them downloaded (or uploaded - never can remember which it is!) from the camera and cleaned up soon, and then I'll post some pictures from the week. Hope you're having a great week! I'll be back ASAP with pictures!


  1. Congratulations, Susan!! You have had an eventful week!!!

  2. Congratulations to Sam! Susan, I know you're SO excited and sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I'll be praying for you on Saturday morning...I can't imagine leaving one of my daughters; it was hard enough leaving my son years ago! I had EVERYONE IN THE WORLD praying for me, and I did fine (I was amazed--I shouldn't have been--they were all praying!), but my poor husband didn't do too well--I never asked anyone to pray for him! Keep having a fun time and enjoy yourself! Hello to Beth!

  3. How wonderful! Congratulations to everyone.

  4. Hooray! Thank you for letting us share in your joy. Your post just exudes the joy and thankfulness you must be feeling. I hope you will be able to rest a bit now! :)


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