Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Mission Trip

I'm sure you were just as horrified as we were in March when the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit in Japan. One of our first thoughts was for the missionary families we know there: the Alan Minks Family and the David Harris Family. We met the Minkses through our home church in Texas probably 10 years ago when they were a part of our missions conference one year. They are in an area that wasn't at all affected by the disaster and are fine. We know the Harrises through our older son, Sam, who is dating one of their daughters. Although they now live in Kobe, they were just north of Sendai when the earthquake hit, visiting the work in Aomori that they had started years before. They were not hurt at all, praise the Lord! They are, however, involved in the cleanup efforts, helping Baptist churches in the area with supplies and ministering to the people affected.

One of the results of this disaster is that the Japanese people are more willing now to listen to the Gospel than ever before. Because of the ever-present need for supplies and help, Bro. Harris and Dr. Don Sisk, president and general director emeritus of BIMI and former missionary to Japan himself, are taking a group of students on a short-term mission trip to Japan this summer. These young people will not only help with the physical needs, but will also help spread the Gospel to the people they minister to.

One of the young people who plans to go on this trip is our younger son, Andrew.

Andrew has set up a page on Facebook and a web page to help raise funds for this trip. If you'd like to donate to this trip, you can do so on his page, Andrew Hutchens|Summer Missions Trip. His account is set up through his local church and he is accountable to his pastor for the money. Every penny donated will be used for the trip. If you or your church are interested in sponsoring a young person for a mission trip this summer, please consider Andrew! He's not going to Japan to sightsee or play for two weeks; he's going to work and help the people there who need it so desperately. If you're at all inclined to help him, be assured that you're helping a young man with a servant's heart. Thanks!


  1. What a neat opportunity. We know two missionaries in Japan, the Meltons and the Enterlines, and they both happened to be in the US during those disasters, though the Meltons have just returned.

  2. I'm glad the missionaries you know weren't involved in the disaster. I know their hearts were probably hurting for their people, though! Wes and I think this is a great opportunity for Andrew. He'll enjoy it and remember it all his life. It may even change his life! ;) You just never know what the Lord will do on a missions trip.

  3. Wow! What an experience! I know that Andrew will enjoy the trip, and come back with much to share.


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