Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Traveling

Wes and I are still traveling. It seems like we've been on the road for weeks instead of days! We went to the Grand Canyon on Monday, then spent two days traveling to Jackson, WY and spent a couple of days at Yellowstone National. Today we left Yellowstone and drove to Butte, MT. We'll spend the night here and drive to Spokane, WA, for the weekend. Each place is exciting, but I must admit that I'm ready to be getting home. We need to rest! LOL

We have passed through some amazing country on this trip! We've seen barren deserts, brilliant rock formations, breathtaking mountains, and gentle rolling hills. We've experienced temperatures from 90 degrees down to freezing, sunshine to rain to snow. We've stayed in tiny hotel rooms, large suites, and a log cabin. We've seen all kinds of animals, even a moose right across the driveway from our cabin. And we've eaten more restaurant food than we ever want to eat again! We've been taking plenty of pictures, which Wes is uploading every night, but I haven't saved any of them to my computer yet. I will do that as soon as possible.

Beth is doing very well! She already has 40+ hours per week working on campus for the summer. She texts us every day to tell us what she's done that day. She is on the cleaning crew for the church and campus. There are only 4 girls on campus during the summer on the "Blue Crew", so that's why there's plenty of work for her. Her ministry job for the summer is working in the 8-12 months nursery, which is perfect for her! She seems to be fine, for which I praise the Lord! I'm glad she's able to be busy and not have to sit around and miss home. Andrew is there, which is helping too.

Well, it's getting late. I should get ready for bed. We get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, thanks to our shorter trip. We're looking forward to not having to get on the road by a certain time! Thanks for reading, and thanks for praying for us! I hope you each have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It's funny that it seems we always need a vacation from our vacation! :D

    I'm glad your daughter is doing well, and I agree that busy is best! Tim is the "Floating Supervisor" for the blue crew.

    Tim says he talks to Andrew at nights. Enjoy the rest of your trip and get some sleep when you get home. LOL

  2. Susan ~ sounds like you are having some wonderful adventures! I would loved to have seen that moose! And visiting Yellowstone--one of my dreams to travel through all that area! Enjoy the rest of your time away! Be safe. (Glad to hear Beth is doing okay.)

  3. I'm glad things are going so well all around.

  4. Sounds like a great trip! I've always wanted to see those things...maybe someday! :)

    Sounds like Beth is adjusting well. It's great that she has the work this summer.

  5. It is so nice that you are able to visit so many wonderful places. I hope one day to see some of those places such as the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. I'm sure you are having a wonderful trip. I pray you will get home safely and rest well.

  6. Glad you are having a great time!


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