Friday, May 13, 2011

A Few Pictures

I have a few pictures of Sam and our family to share with you from graduation day. Andrew took all of these pictures. I think he did a fantastic job with them! We were so far back in the auditorium that he couldn't get very good pictures of the ceremony itself, but he has a friend who was closer who got some good shots of Sam as he was about to receive his diploma. He'll be sending some of those to us sometime soon.

sam solo2
This is my favorite photo of the day
sam and juliana2
Sam and his girlfriend, Juliana. She is the daughter of veteran missionaries in Japan.

sam and juliana
Sam missed being an Honors graduate by 1/100 of a point. Juliana made it and got to wear cords. She's gloating; he's pouting! ;)

Our three children. God has blessed us so much!

Proud of our son!

mom Me and my boy!

Sam with his preacher-grandfathers. My dad is on the left; Wes' dad on the right.

grandma and grandpa and sam
With Wes' parents

grandparents1 and sam
With my parents

grandpa dad sam
Three generations of preachers

 More later!


  1. Oh Barbara, this post just made me well up with tears. First of all, your children are lovely and handsome. They look like very good, godly young people. You must be positively bursting wtih pride and gratitude. But to see that God is still faithful, that He is still providing good godly men to speak His word to a sin-darkened world, that is truly what makes this post so wonderful. It truly gives me hope. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Thank you, each one, for your comments! We are very pleased with the young people our children have grown to be, but we're also very humbled that God would bless our family so much! All the glory goes to Him!

  3. Love these pictures!
    Can't wait to meet you in June:)


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