Monday, April 18, 2011

What's Up This Week

I love Mondays! The week stretches out before me and there's plenty of time for everything I need to do. I still love Monday, but there's not enough time this week! I thought last week was busy, with our Missions Conference for half the week. It was busy, but mostly outside the house. This week I need to be busy inside the house:

~ Finish grading Beth's schoolwork so I can submit her transcript to our sending church's school. She's been finished with her work for at least a couple of weeks, but I just keep putting this off. I dread grading so much!

~ Put together a scrapbook for Beth's graduation reception on the 30th. I took the easy way out with this one: I bought a page kit. Hopefully all I'll have to do is lay out the pages and they'll flow together. But knowing me, I'll have to tweak it and mess with it before I'm happy with it.

~ Finish some paperwork to obtain our permanent residence in Canada. When our visas were renewed last year, the stipulation was that we apply for permanent residence this year. It's a LOT of paperwork, and every little thing has to be perfect or they send it back for us to start all over again. Can you say stressful?! I have much of it done, but there are some really long, tedious forms waiting for me.

~ Out-of-town guests coming this weekend. They wanted to come for Beth's reception, but they can't come on that day, so they're coming this weekend instead. We're looking forward to seeing them!

~ Dog-sit for friends this weekend. They are going out of town, but can't take their dog with them.She's a cute little dog, a little old, so she sleeps a lot. She also grew up with cats, so she washes her face with her paw and occasionally meows. Yes. I haven't heard it, but her people have several times. We keep hoping she'll meow at our house. Maybe this weekend.

~ Get a driver's license physical. I just had a physical in March, but then I got a form from the license place that has to be filled out by my doctor proving that I am still healthy enough to drive. Diabetes. It affects everything. I'm hoping I can just drop the form by my doctor's office and he can fill it out based on my recent physical. I really don't want to go through all that again this month.

It doesn't look like much all written out, but I know the work involved for all of it. I'm feeling overwhelmed already! Time to put some routines and 15-minute time slots to work! What are you up to this week?


  1. Thanks for your response-comment last week - good to hear from you! Have to say, I have never heard of a DL physical! It does sound like a busy week. Enjoy:)

    We began our spring revival (with Dr. Ron Comfort) last night which runs this week - so it will be a great week here, too (as well as busier than normal!)

    Take care -

  2. Jennifer ~ I've never heard of a DL physical either, but here it's required if you have a chronic illness that may impair your driving - which I do. I haven't heard Dr. Comfort since I was a senior in high school! Enjoy your revival!


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