Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plugging Right Along

We're plugging right along toward our daughter's high school graduation and our son's college graduation! Two grads in the same year make Mom very busy!

Yesterday we went to Costco to order Beth's cake. While we were there, I saw a beverage dispenser that will be great for her party and also for things at church. It was only $18.00, so Wes bought it for me. It's almost silly how excited I got over that silly beverage dispenser! This one is 3 gallons and has a little reservoir in the bottom for ice to keep the drink cold.

Beverage Dispenser
I began Beth's scrapbook last Saturday. I know - giving myself one week to get this done! I bought a paper and embellishment kit at Wal Mart so it would be easier to put together. I should have done that for the boys when I was doing theirs - so much easier! I've really enjoyed looking through all the photos of our kids' growing years again, although I keep getting sidetracked to tell the story of this, remember the time we did that, exclaim over how much so-and-so has changed . . . you know how it is with old photos!

I'm finished with Beth's grading, so now I can send off her transcript and get her diploma. That's a huge weight off my shoulders!

We found out last week that my parents will be able to come to Sam's graduation! I am beyond excited about that! I haven't seen them in person in over 3 years - way too long to go without seeing your parents. We talk on Skype with our webcams, but it's not the same as being able to hug them. They'll get to Lancaster on Monday evening before graduation on Wednesday. Wesley's parents will arrive on Tuesday afternoon. Then all the flurry of the baccalaureate and the graduation, and then they will all leave on Thursday. Much emotion packed into that one week. Here is a picture of my parents on Easter; aren't they a handsome couple?! ;)

Our vacation plans are coming along, and I'm starting to get excited about that part of our time away. I can't believe it will be just the two of us! Wes says we'll have wifi in all the places we're staying, so hopefully I can take a few minutes here and there to show you some pictures of our trip.

I hope you each had a wonderful Easter weekend! I'm hoping to focus more on my blog and Etsy shop after we get back home and life has settled back down again. This has surely been a hectic season in our life since we moved from North Vancouver! I'm ready for this break and then to settling down.


  1. That beverage dispenser looks really neat! I like the ice compartment in the bottom.

    Jesse is a senior next year and I've been thinking I should go ahead and start his scrapbook (but do you think I actually will? Ha!) But I should at least start doing something with all those photos in shoe boxes from the pre-digital age.

    How neat that your parents and in-laws are coming to your son's graduation!

  2. I can't believe how the time has flown! I hope you enjoy every busy minute the next couple of weeks will bring your way. ;)

  3. Barbara ~ When I finished Andrew's scrapbook two years ago, I promised myself I'd get Beth's done early! LOL This is the latest I've ever worked on one.

    Mrs. C ~ The time has flown so quickly! As soon as I get Beth's scrapbook finished, I'll feel like I can relax and enjoy the festivities.

  4. Hi Susan! I know you all must be so excited with both graduations coming up. We had that same thing happen so I know how overwhelmed you feel. My oldest son was graduating from college, and my two youngest (whom I homeschooled together) were both graduating from high school...all three at the same time!

    Your parents are darling. And how did she get him to wear that purple shirt to match hers?? My guys wouldn't think of that! But I think they look so nice matching!

    Have a fun fun time away. Maybe I missed a post about where you are going. Enjoy your special time!

    And congratulations to your graduates!

  5. Enjoy every moment of this special time!!

  6. Oh, I am so happy for you and your daughter! I know this must be such a special time for everyone. I'm so happy your family will be together to share this milestone. I look forward to hearing more about it after all the dust has settled! :)

  7. Enjoy, the grads and the vacation!
    Btw..I love that beverage dispenser!

  8. It's sweet that you get excited over the "little things" like the beverage dispenser! I find I'm the same way : ) I've never seen one with a place for the ice, what a great concept!

    Quite an exciting time for you and your family....Enjoy each moment! Have a Wonderful vacation. : )

  9. Hello, I have been around before! But go off and on in the bloggy world.
    Anyway.. I LOVE your drink despenser.. We used our Pastors wifes for our banquent and we put fun stuff on the bottom to decorate it (under the plastic) It turned out really cute... just an idea ;)


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