Monday, April 11, 2011

Missions Conference

We're having Missions Conference this week! We have two missionary families, one on deputation and one already on the field here in Canada. Our church families are pitching in to fix lunches and suppers each day, and two families let us use their campers to set up in a campground for the families to stay in. Each family has two young children, and they are loving camping! :)

Wes preached both services yesterday, and his sermons were so good! Tonight, the first of the missionaries spoke from his heart about his field. He was born in a country that was taken over by another government when he was a small boy. I was struck by the fact that, while Wes and I were happy-go-lucky American children, this man (as a little boy) and his family, as well as his wife's family in the same country, were fleeing for their lives. After several years in the US, he was invited to play in a neighborhood basketball team . . . that was started by the pastor of a Baptist church to get young guys to come and hear the Gospel. He was saved soon after that, went to Bible college, worked on staff of the church where he was saved, and now God has called him and his family to go to a country in the same region as his birth country, to his native people, to bring them the Light of the Gospel. My heart was deeply touched by his story and his calling to this field. They're almost ready to go, and they're excited.

We're having a busy week. I noticed several cranky little people at church tonight, and this is only the second day! ;) Please pray for our conference this week. We love getting to know new missionaries and being a blessing to them!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. I'll pray for all of you that you would have the strength and endurance you'll need. As a Preacher's kid I remember the excitement and exhaustion of week long revivals.
    As a kid, I loved it when the visiting ministers would bring their families....usually it was my room that was given up....I had mixed emotions about that part. lol

  2. We're having our Missions Conference starting Thursday. I am so looking forward to it.

  3. Praying that you have a great week! And... a week of rest next week=)
    Do you happen to be going to that Pastor's Wife conference in Castlegar in June? I'm hoping to take the train over to Kamloops and come with my good friend Emily Vaal.

  4. I love hearing missionary testimonies.

    We just had a week of special meetings week before last. Our previous church used to just do half-weeks -- Sun. to Wed. -- so a whole week seemed like a lot, especially as we live farther from church than we used to. It wasn't so bad day by day, and it was totally worth it, but we were pretty tired the next weekend. I don't know how people used to handle several weeks of meetings like in "the old days."

  5. Becky ~ We just had Sunday-Wednesday, and we're tired! LOL I remember those week-long revivals too, and I still like them, although they are rare anymore.

    Michelle ~ I hope your conference goes well!

    Kristy ~ Yes, I will be at the Pastors' Wives retreat in June - I'm really looking forward to it! Can't wait to meet you! :) Did Mrs. Vaal tell you that she and her husband came to our Valentine's Banquet?

    Barbara ~ I still like the week-long meetings. We haven't had one in a long time. Wes likes to have other pastors a lot of times, and he doesn't feel right taking them away from their own churches for so long.


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