Friday, April 22, 2011

Close Encounters of the Coyote Kind

Well, today I had a first . . . I was confronted by a coyote! We're dog-sitting our friends' dog this weekend while they're out of town. Our yard is small, so I took the dog down the street to the corner where there's a creek that runs alongside the road. I was letting the dog do her thing, when suddenly she stopped wandering around (on the leash) and started barking. I looked around, and there was the coyote!

Now we don't live in the country. We live in a relatively new subdivision on the northern edge of downtown where there are lots of houses, lots of people. The corner I walked to is the corner of a busy four-lane road, across which is a school. People drive and walk past our house all day long because our street leads up into an older residential area. We aren't in the country at all!

So as I discover the coyote, Jikita is barking, and the lady in the corner house comes out to tell me a coyote had just come up out of the creek, because she thought I hadn't seen him. I yelled at him and stomped my feet, and he backed away, but he didn't run. So I turned around and headed home, just 5 or 6 houses up the street. The coyote crossed our little street and followed us, keeping an eye on us the whole time. Thankfully, a man turned into our street in a big truck, saw what was going on, and placed himself between us and the coyote. He kept the coyote at bay, but it was still following us. I picked up Jikita and walked faster. When we got to our house, the man pulled up, got out of his truck, and threw rocks at the coyote till it ran back down to the creek. I was so thankful he came along and figured out the situation quickly! The Lord was watching out for me, because I had no idea what to do other than walk quickly back to the house. I knew not to run, but other than that I wasn't sure.

Wes called the Conservation Office. I sure hope they send someone out, because this neighborhood is full of dogs, cats, and children. Our landlord, who lives in our basement suite, has a cat that's a champion mouser, and I'd sure hate to see her meet the coyote while she's out doing her nightly mousing! I talked to him this morning, and he had suspected coyotes in the neighborhood, and he's prepared himself and his little girl for the possibility that their cat might go missing sometime. He said he just didn't want to coop her up in the house all the time.

So that's our excitement for the day. We have overnight guests arriving around lunch time, so I'll be busy the rest of the day and tomorrow. Have a great Easter weekend!


  1. That is scary. Normal wild animals don't hang around like that. He was either very hungry or sick. So glad God sent you a protector!!

  2. Becky ~ I'm figuring he's hungry. The creek I mentioned usually has ducks on it, so he probably gets himself a duck every now and then. We just happened along at the same time he was there!

  3. Glad you're safe! That would have scared me! I've never seen a coyote--would I even recognize that's what it was? :)

  4. Deb ~ You know, it took me a few seconds to realize what it was. At first I thought fox, then realized a fox would be much cuter! LOL Then I thought wolf, but not big enough. The only thing left was coyote, and that's when the lady stepped out and said there was a coyote behind me! ;) So yeah, I didn't know for sure at first . . .

  5. Unfortunately coyotes are becoming common in suburban areas. I'm very glad the man came along and helped. As you said, that was *definitely* the Lord's protection.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Wow, that's scarey! I've lived in the country most of my life...hearing coyotes all the time, and sometimes they'd wander into the yard, but they always ran away!

  7. Oh Susan, how terrifying. I don't know what I would do if I actually saw something like that. I'm so very thankful that God sent a guardian angel to protect you in the form of the man who placed himself between you and danger.


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