Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Boys

This week has been Youth Conference at West Coast Baptist College, where our boys attend. They've both been busy in various ways with behind-the scenes stuff. Sam was in the drama presentation on Wednesday night and in the music for at least one service. Andrew runs the lights. That's all. But it's a demanding job, and he loves it. He also did the graphic design for the print work for the conference. I was going to call him Tuesday night, but he said he'd be in drama practice (the lights) till 1 AM-ish, in his words. So I just waited for him to call me, which he did on Thursday afternoon.

Pastor Ben Turner, one of our friends in the Vancouver area, took his son down for the conference, so he's been taking pictures all week. Yesterday he took all the college young folks from Vancouver out for lunch. These pictures are from their afternoon at Wing Stop and a frozen yogurt place.

Sam is the middle guy on the left, while Andrew's the last guy in the back there, on the left. These kids all grew up together and now they're all going to college together! The two blonds on the front left and right are two of Beth's closest friends.

At the yogurt shop. Sam and Andrew on the back row, far right. 

Here's Sam with Pastor Turner and his son, Caleb:


All of these kids are doing a great job at school, not just academically, but spiritually as well. We're proud of them! Looking forward to seeing them all, plus a few others, in just a few weeks. 


  1. How nice of him to take the photos for you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Valerie ~ Bro. Turner is good to take pics wherever he goes. When he's at WCBC, he's always sure to get some of "our" kids - our own children and those we know from up here. All we parents love it! :)

  3. What wonderful pictures!! It must warm your heart to see them. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  4. Looks like so much fun... I'm sure you'd like to be there. It makes me want to join them!
    We're hoping to get to Vancouver sometime in the near future:) I've never been!


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