Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What a Relief!

Beth and I finally had our first visit with our new doctor today. She's been having some minor things going on, and I had a spot on my side that was worrying me, especially after my little bout with basal cell skin cancer a couple of years ago. Turns out it was a cyst, which the doctor removed on the spot and assured me was simply a cyst, nothing more. I'm glad it's gone, and I'm so relieved it wasn't a return of skin cancer!

When you have any kind of painful procedure done, do you say anything about the pain? As the doctor was working on removing the core of the cyst, the deeper he went the more it stung (he didn't use any kind of anesthetic). I could feel the sweat beads pop up on my forehead, and I felt a trickle of sweat under my shirt, but I didn't say anything. Finally, it hurt really bad, and I grunted just a bit. He asked if that hurt. When I told him it did, he said, "Why didn't you say anything?!" I just laughed, because that is how I deal with pain that is necessary. When I was having our babies, the doctor and nurses always commented on how quiet I was. I figure if the pain will be over soon and it's a necessary thing, why make a big deal out of it? I admit, though, that I was wondering just how long this was going to take! LOL

All is well with Beth too. There was a logical explanation for the problems she was having. He looked and listened thoroughly and pronounced her very healthy. So this mama is happy, and her girl is relieved that she doesn't need a complete physical right now! ;) She does need a TB test for school, though, so we're getting that on Monday.

So I'm praising the Lord today for good news and relief that everything is going well at this point! God is good!


  1. That's a blessing! But, I am way different than you are. I'm known to scream just a little when in pain. :o)

  2. Awwww, Kami! I can sure understand screaming in pain! As I was having my second baby, I needed to push and they made me wait - that's when I got a little vocal - just not screaming! ;)

  3. First of all, why didn't he numb you? And you better bet I say something! LOL


  4. Amen that is a blessing, Susan are you getting all settled in now? Praying for your ministry there, lots of hugs Barbara

  5. Thats funny! I didn't scream when having my babies, but then again, I was pretty much paralyzed from the waist down with epidurals (except for the last one; we won't go there today). My daughter, on the other hand, who had her last baby naturally, was a different story. At least God allows us to forget the pain!

  6. So glad everything went well. I can't imagine having something cut out without just a little shot of something!

  7. Kristi ~ It was just a matter of squeezing the cyst to get it out - no cutting or anything like that. The point where it hurt was at the very end when he was trying to get the root of the core out. He wasn't being cruel! LOL

    Barbara ~ Yes, we are getting settled in and enjoying our life here in Kelowna. Just waiting anxiously for spring now!

    Gail ~ I just had a bit of morphine with my first baby; the younger two were all natural! ;)

    Barbara H ~ I didn't specify that it wasn't being cut out - sorry about that! He just had to squeeze the cyst for it to pop out. The pain was only when he was trying to get the last of the core out.


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