Saturday, March 12, 2011


Thank you all for your comments and kind words about my projects from the past week! You sure know how to encourage a girl! ;)

The question of my labels' washability came up in the comments from my post yesterday. Rita of Sunset Quilting mentioned that Silly Gilly's tutorial didn't say specifically that labels made by her method are washable. I actually did think of that before I made them, so I checked to make sure they would be. First I mentioned it to my husband, and he said, "Honey, they're t-shirt transfers. They have to be washable to use them on clothes." Well, yeah. I hadn't thought about that! LOL

Here are the washing instructions from the instruction sheet included in my package of iron-on t-shirt transfers (I used Avery brand):

~ Turn grament inside out
~ Wash garment separately from others (first time only)
~ Machine wash cold
~ Color-safe detergent
~ No chlorine bleach
~ Remove promptly from washer. Colors may bleed if left wet too long. If bleeding occurs, rewash immediately
~ Tumble dry warm. Add towels to improve drying

Label After Washing

So the transfers I used are washable. The things I'll be using them in won't need to be washed often, and the labels are small and on the inside, not very likely to be harmed in the wash anyway. Just to test it myself, I washed on of my labels in a load of regular laundry, on the permanent press cycle, and dried it on warm. It came out looking exactly like it did when I put it in, maybe even a little softer. In the photo above, the label on the bottom is the one I washed, compared to the one that hasn't been washed. Still looks great!


  1. They look absolutely beautiful, Susan!!! I love the way you have your logo too.

  2. I have been making my own labels for 3 years now using this same process. Since they would be on my clothing in my shop I washed one item 15 times over a two month period and it was fine. You can also go tag-less and iron your label directly to the item if need be.

  3. You are so clever! Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I wanted to let you know that I so enjoy reading your posts! : ) They're always uplifting to me. I'm relatively new to the blogging world and am thankful to have happened upon another IFB lady's site! : )

    Blessings to you,

  5. Melody ~ Andrew made my logo for my shop, and Wes adapted it for my labels. They do good work!

    Margaret ~ Thanks for you input. I've read that, on t-shirts, the transfers tend to crack after a few washings, but I would think that the labels wouldn't be susceptible to that much washing.

    Miss Linda ~ I am not clever! LOL I just find the tutorials to follow to do these things! ;)

    Jillian ~ I am so glad to "meet" you! Thank you for leaving a comment and letting me know you're there!


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