Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can You Stand a Little Singing?

A friend let me know that this video was available on YouTube. It's our son, Sam, singing a solo at church. I think it was during Sunday School. He is the song leader for one of the staff members' class, Dr. Mark Rasmussen. For any newer readers, our sons are students at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA. This is our older son, who will be graduating May 11th.

Here's the link to the video, in case you get my blog posts by email and can't see the video:


  1. Thanks for posting the video! My daughter and I enjoyed watching it. :-)

    Wow...can't believe Sam's graduation is coming up so fast!!!

  2. Very nice! Will you be able to go down to graduation? You may have said, but I don't remember.

  3. Great job! What an honor to get to sing there! Thanks for posting. Gail

  4. Very nice! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments! Barbara, yes, we will be going down for graduation, making a big trip out of it. Tammy, the time has gone SO fast! I can't believe that four years went by so quickly.

  6. I enjoyed this so much.
    We have two from our church graduating this year too.
    It is such a wonderful Godly college.

  7. This was so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it!!

  8. I figured out the problem was in Firefox, it worked just fine in IE.

    I agree with everyone else, that was *wonderful*, such a blessing! (o:

  9. I enjoyed that so much. I sang along. Hope your son doesn't mind too much. :-)


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