Monday, February 07, 2011

Sunday in Review: Feb. 6, 2011

This Sunday was our first Sunday of Family Month at our church. My husband will be preaching and teaching all month on the home and family, one of my favorite subjects! We're having two special teaching sessions each week: Sunday evening parenting classes, and separate Wednesday night sessions for men and ladies. He and I are teaching those Wednesday night sessions, covering topics specific to husbands and wives. My first class was last week, and I taught the first of two lessons on the importance of respect to our husbands. Last week was more of the "why" of respect, and this week will be the "how." We had a good time in our class. We meet in the balcony while the men meet on the main floor, and Wes suspiciously mentioned that they'd heard an awful lot of laughing down there! ;)

Anyway, this Sunday we had an unexpected visitor: a snow storm! The snow began just as we got to church Sunday morning, and it snowed all day long. We ended up with about 6-8 inches, I'd say. People are more used to snow here than down south, so we didn't cancel any services. All our regular attenders were there, and we even had a couple of visitors last night.

Wes taught the first of three weeks of parenting classes before the evening service. Last night was about teaching our children self-control when they are young. He gives lots of examples from our children's early years, and it was fun for me to look back and remember those days. Actually, I looked back with a little bit of regret for some of the mistakes I made . . . but praise the Lord, He specializes in turning our mistakes around and blessing our children in spite of us! :)

We're planning a special Family Day on the 27th of the month, emphasizing outreach to the families of the children who ride the bus to our church. We're having a potluck dinner before the evening service and inviting those families to join us. Please pray that we can persuade these families to come to church that evening, and that they will be saved and discipled as a result of that day.


  1. One former church we were in used to have a family month once a year. I always loved those.

    I regret my mistakes with my children as well. One comfort is that all parents make mistakes, but the greater comfort, as you mentioned, is knowing God can forgive and redeem those times.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful study, and will be a great time of fellowship, I remember my husband taught this at one time, and so many lives changed forever, most pastor do not teach the basics and then wonder why their people are not spiritual giants, they have to be taught just as we were, none of learned how to be Godly wives over night, it took time, error, and lots of patience. Praying this time with your people will bring you closer and you will love them even more, God bless you as you serve our Saviour where you are.

  3. I do enjoy hearing about what you are doing in your church. I wish I could be there! :)

    I hope your Family Day will be blessed with souls won and God glorified!


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