Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Sweet Valentine's Day

We're back! Wes and I had a great time on our night away. We went 5 minutes from our house! LOL Before you think we're crazy (we really are, but that's beside the point), let me explain. My husband is a master of planning nice times "away" for us, even if they are close by. We are 24/7 home people. His office is in our home, and I have been a stay-at-home wife and mom for most of our marriage, thanks to the Lord's blessing. Of course we enjoy each other's company here at home, but even when we're relaxing at home, there are things that are calling to us to be done: church stuff and studying for my husband, and household chores, crafts, projects and tons of other things that I could be doing rather than relaxing. So to get away, we have to literally get away. Somewhere that our brains aren't telling us that there's something somewhere that needs to be done. A hotel room always gives us that away feeling, because there is literally nothing we need to be doing in that hotel! LOL So that's what we'll do most of the time, just take a mini-vacation not too far from home.

Normally getting away means spending money - of which we don't have a lot. But my husband is a master of doing things for little to no money, and as the day unfolded, I found just what a master at it he is! :) Before we left yesterday afternoon, Wes told me about a restaurant gift card someone had given us. That took care of our dinner. I knew we were going to the Holiday Inn in town for the night, and that we had gotten the room for free with the points we'd built up going to visit our sons in California last August. But the room! The first inkling of what was ahead came when we stepped off the elevator. You know how there's usually a room at the end of the hall that is a "honeymoon suite" type of room? Well, our room number was the one at the end of the hall! I started saying, "You didn't!" as we walked down the hall! When we opened the door, we walked into a huge room with a king-size bed, a sitting area, separate huge walk-in shower, and in the corner was a jacuzzi tub! I couldn't believe it! So it was a nice getaway in a luxurious room. We enjoyed spending time alone without all the distractions of home, and I relaxed so much I was asleep before I knew it and woke up refreshed this morning and ready to tackle a new day.

Isn't God good to give us such little things, things that are definitely not necessary for living, but that give some flavor and fun to our days? My heart is so full this morning with love for my husband and for our Lord and for His goodness to bless us with just a little time to relax and focus on each other. And it was all done through the hand of others! The Lord promised if we would give that we would be given unto, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over shall men give into your bosom. Is giving hard? Is the ministry hard? Sometimes, yes. But the Lord is faithful to give back so much more abundantly than we give!


  1. thanks for sharing susan, I am blessed with your life both! more blessings in God's love!

  2. Susan ~ I am sooo glad you had such a great relaxing time away! Sounds like a fun, fun time with your sweetie!

  3. Susan, You really had a good day! You both deserved a few hours away from the many duties of home. I am so glad you got this time together. Jacuzzi and all!

  4. That sounds lovely! Glad you had such a refreshing get-away -- and at such a good price! :-)

  5. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your special time with us. Your husband is so thoughtful to have arranged all of that.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! Did you get any pictures???
    And you can not outgive God when it comes to money, ministry, and being a blessing! :)



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