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Sunday in Review: Jan. 9, 2011

This Sunday began our new service times at church! Our church rents its building from another church. Occasionally they make some changes to their schedule, and when that happens, we have to make changes to our service times if they interfere with the other church's new times. That's what happened shortly after we arrived here in Kelowna: the other church wanted to change their Sunday service to 11:00. Wes discussed the situation with the men of our church and the leaders of the other church, and the solution was for us to begin our services at 9:00 on Sunday morning. Wes also wanted to change our evening service time to 5:00 to get people home a bit earlier on Sunday night, especially those who drive in from a long distance. We have one family that drives an hour and a half one-way, then they stay for the afternoon and drive home again after the Sunday night service. That means they are leaving their home no later than 7:30 on Sunday morning now! So Wes felt an earlier Sunday night would especially benefit them.

Nine o-clock is the earliest I've ever gone to church! Yawn! We are early risers on Sunday anyway, so yesterday found me getting up far earlier than I normally do. Everything went well at our house, though, and we were ready to leave for church by 8:30. No one was missing at our early hour, and we even had some visitors! Our bus workers felt a bit odd, as we've moved our bus ministry to Wednesday nights - they had nothing to do yesterday morning. We just have the one service on Sunday morning, while our children have Sunday school during that time. We were finished shortly after 10:00. That felt funny too, but I think I like being able to go home and cook dinner after church. I'll probably still use the crock pot on Sundays for the convenience, but it was really nice not to have to rush to get dinner ready.

Sunday night, Wes continued his sermon from Sunday morning on the causes of a hard heart. He only got to 2 of his 10 points Sunday morning! LOL Our theme this month is Revival, so this sermon was good for us to see what causes a hard heart and how to get it right with the Lord. The teens have their own service the last Sunday night of the month, so they spent some time practicing after church. All that and we still got home around 8:00!

We had some visitors come in right at the end of Sunday night's service. They were a couple who have walked past our church many times and decided last night that they should go to church. They saw our lights on and came in. Even though it was the end of the service, we were so glad to see them, and it warmed my heart to see them sitting in the back with one after the other of our people stopping to talk to them. We'll be visiting with them, and hopefully they'll come back for an entire service! ;)

Tonight is our first ladies' fellowship since we arrived in Kelowna. From what I've heard of the past, these ladies have always had a very simple setup for their ladies' meetings, so I'm going with that for tonight - a simple game to have some fun, simple refreshments (especially after the mountain of food we consumed last month!), and then a simple devotion. I plan to have some really nice meetings with themes and decorations and special speakers, but at this point, I believe simple is the best way to go. And we're not necessarily always going to follow the typical "ladies' meeting" format either! :)

I hope you had a good Sunday too. From what I'm hearing from friends and family, there's a good chance you're having a snowy Monday, but not here. We're dry as a bone and most of our before-Christmas snow has melted away. We're hoping for more in the middle of this week.


  1. I truly enjoyed reading about your Sunday and your plans for your ladies' fellowship group. I remember well the first time I visited the little IFB church I attend. It was a very sad Sunday for me because after months of agonizing I had finally decided I could no longer attend the Southern Baptist Church that had been my home for so many years. I slipped into the back of the church with the intention of remaining "invisible" throughout the service and then leaving as quietly as I had come. However, the congregants and pastor's family had other ideas! Before I could leave I was greeted warmly by one after another of the members and wound up staying for lunch. Several of the ladies noticed my long skirt and asked me if I sewed my own clothes and of course that sent us off on a long sewing-related conversation. I was overwhelmed with the kindness and welcoming spirit of these dear people. They have truly become my family!

    Have a blessed week, and thank you for sharing your Sunday with us. I really did enjoy reading about it. I hope you will share more about your church events in future blog entries!

  2. Miss Linda, one of my husband's favorite things to say about visitors coming back is that people come to church for relationships. It may be true that they should be coming for doctrinal truth or to be fed spiritually, but many times they come back simply because they feel welcome. It warmed my heart to read how your church first welcomed you! Thanks for sharing that. I do plan to share more of our church events, and I'm trying to get back to the point of sharing more of our everyday life too!

  3. Sounds like everyone adapted well. I'd love to hear more about your ladies' meetings. Our new church here doesn't seem to have regular monthly meetings, but they do have a Bible study and they had a Christmas party. I don't know if they have any kind of mother-daughter or ladies' luncheon in the spring - I need to ask. It's funny the mixed emotions I am having about it -- it's nice not to have to go out (I've always been a homebody, but am getting more so in my old age) and not to have the pressure, yet I do miss it.

  4. Oh -- also, I'd love to see your husband's outline about causes of a hard heart.

    I think it is great to have messages leading up to revival meetings for preparation -- like preparing the ground for the seed to be planted. I think many times we miss what revival meeting could have done for us and in us because we don't prepare our hearts.

  5. Barbara ~ I'll email you about our ladies' meetings. No secrets about them; I just don't want to put all our plans out here in public yet! ;) I had thought about posting the points of Wes's message on here, though, so I will do that on the blog. Wes loves to read and preach on revival. He told our people Sunday that revival doesn't arrive in the back pocket of the preacher; it starts in the hearts of the people before the preacher ever gets there.


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