Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday in Review: Jan. 16, 2011

What a great Sunday we had this week! Wes and I are enjoying having our sons home with us, and we especially enjoyed having our whole family together in church on Sunday. Both boys got involved in our services: Andrew taught our Junior Church/Sunday School class for the children, and Sam preached in the morning service. Our family also sang together during the morning and evening services. We praise the Lord for what He's doing with all three of our children, and we are experiencing more and more the truth of III John 4: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Wes preached Sunday night on fasting, an often neglected and/or completely forgotten facet of Christianity. I have to admit that I rarely even think of fasting! This sermon got me to thinking about reasons I should fast and what types of fasts I should do. Wes encouraged us to fast in some way this week in preparation for our revival, and I plan to do it. It's a private thing, of course, but I'm glad to have some direction in this area of my life. I hope to see God work in my life and heart during the next week!

This week we're having a prayer meeting every night in preparation for our winter revival that starts next Sunday, January 23. Each meeting is only for about 30 minutes, just long enough to pray together. Tonight (Monday) we had almost everyone in our church there (it's by no means a required meeting!). Wes has mentioned several times that revival doesn't arrive in the back pocket of the preacher, and these prayer meetings are to help us cleanse our hearts and prepare them for revival.

In addition to the services each night, I'm looking forward to the extra fellowship with the guest preacher and his family. They'll be staying in town for the four days of revival, so we'll be feeding them and enjoying their fellowship. I always like that!

Busy days just ahead!


  1. So neat to have all the family together for a bit!

    Wondering how your diabetes affects fasting? I am on the other end with low blood sugar and can't seem to go past about 10 a.m. most days without feeling pretty bad. I don't know if you've read any of Isobel Kuhn's books, but for health reasons she could not fast for long but did mornings from time to time. I've also heard of fasting from certain things if one can't have a complete fast.

    Hope and pray the revival goes well! It sounds like you have a great spirit in your church.

  2. If I fast from food, I will probably not fast from liquids and will drink a protein shake instead of a meal. But Wes also pointed out that we can fast from other things than food, and that is probably the route I will take. The medications I take obviously decrease my blood sugar levels, so I would have to keep some kind of nourishment in my system to avoid my sugar going too low. Also, one of them requires food when I take it to protect from stomach upset, so I'd need at least milk to take that.

    We do have a great group of people here! We praise the Lord for their hearts for Him.


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