Saturday, January 29, 2011

She's 18!!!!


Today is our daughter Beth's 18th birthday!!!! She's a blessing to us with her sweet spirit and willing heart and hands. She amazes me with her spiritual maturity, even at such a young age. She's a faithful, tender-hearted friend. It's been a joy to watch her grow into a young woman who loves God and wants to serve Him. 

Your dad and I love you so much, Baby Girl!


  1. I hope you all enjoy celebrating such an important milestone in her life. Children truly are a blessing from God.

  2. Happy birthday, Beth! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year to come!

  3. Happy Birthday, Beth! Sorry I'm just getting over here to wish you a special day of celebration...may the Lord's blessings be showered upon you this next year! ~ Mrs G

  4. Thank you all for the birthday wishes for Beth! She appreciates each one!

  5. Dear Susan,
    It's so precious to have adult daughters who join their mothers in the walk of faith, surrender, and obedience to our Lord Jesus. We, as mothers, continue to bless God in our journey of pursuing faithfulness, hope, and Christlike love with our young sisters in Christ. Isn't it a treasure and encouragement? Blessings to you and family.

  6. Beth is a beautiful young lady. Happy belated birthday.

  7. Happy belated birthday!!! She is a lovely young lady!!!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to your dear daughter!

    My daughter turns 18 in June...time really flies!


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