Thursday, January 20, 2011

Safe Home

Our boys have let us know they are "home" safely at the school, and Wes is home from taking them to Vancouver to catch their plane. We live in a valley here, so to get get anywhere, you have to go over the mountains. We got just a bit of snow last night, so Wes was a little nervous about the drive over to Vancouver. It turned out that there were some snowy places on the road, slowing him down a bit going down, but on the way back the sun was shining and he made good time coming home. I'm always so glad when he comes in the door from a long trip like that (round trip was about 9 1/2 hours) and kisses me and calls me his pet name! ;)

Thank you for those who prayed for us today! My eyes teared up as I hugged my boys, and my voice quavered, but I did not break down and cry. The Lord has been so good to help me with that! I did cry a little after they left, but only for a few minutes. Then I had a full day of cleaning up, grocery shopping, and errand running to keep my mind occupied!

I'm getting ready to start cutting the pieces for my sister's bag this evening. I also plan to iron the fabrics I bought yesterday; I washed them last night. Do you pre-wash your fabrics? I always do, but I didn't start doing that till I started making quilts. I don't want to take a chance on their getting misshaped after I've put my quilt together.

I'm off to play with my fabrics! Have a good evening!


  1. Hi Susan ~ sorry that I didn't get to pray for you and the boys leaving! I've not been on the computer much this week and am waaayy behind in blog reading!

    I do plan on participating in the Sew-In tonight--I have much to work on, but I haven't written about it yet. I think your fabric is great! Love the stripes! The blanket will be just beautiful! And....I finally stopped using my Mill House Inn purse for the winter. It has to be the most traveled purse I own! Your sister will love the bag!

  2. Praise the Lord! So thankful for the grace He gave in saying goodbye to the boys.

    I have found that the goodbyes do get easier over time.

    I have done very little quilting, but in almost any sewing I pre-wash my fabrics. The only exception would be something like Christmas ornaments that aren't likely to ever be washed. I learned also (from a Jo-Ann fabric store one time) that if you have a really dark fabric like black or navy, it's a good idea to add a little white vinegar to the machine when washing those. It helps them keep their color.

  3. Glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound, and that the Lord helped you not to cry too much. :-)

    I always always prewash my fabric, that's what my grandma taught me. :-) When I'm pre-washing flannel, I wash it in hot water and dry it on high so that it shrinks as much as possible the first go-round.

  4. I was hoping all went well with your sad good-byes and did say a little prayer for you early yesterday morning. I am glad to hear you had things to keep your mind and hands busy during the rest of that day. I am also thankful that your dear husband made it home safely.

    Isn't it exciting to start a new sewing project? I was laying out the pattern pieces for a new jacket last night. I stayed up much too late (past midnight--and I rise at 4:00), reluctant to stop what I was doing to go to bed. *sigh* I could get SO much done if I didn't have to sleep or eat! LOL!

    Yes, I do pre-wash my fabrics before I begin sewing them. Since I sew most of my own clothes (it's very difficult to find modest cothing, especially long skirts, in stores), I don't want anything to shrink after I've sewn it and then washed it for the first time! Eeek!

    I have some silk material and some wool/silk blend material that I want to use, but I can't put it in the washing machine. I am thinking of putting it in the dryer with some damp towels, and see if that will "pre-shrink" it a bit before I start sewing it. I could probably take the uncut yardage to the dry cleaners, since this material is dry-clean only, but I'm reluctant to spend the money to do that. Have you ever attempted to pre-shrink wool or silk in a dryer or would you recommend I just take it to the dry-cleaners and have them clean it to try to pre-shrink it?

    Would you consider taking pictures of your quilt-making process and sharing them on your blog? I would love to see how a quilt comes together.

  5. Glad everyone made it ok and you weathered another goodbye.

    I was taught to wash fabrics before sewing. I do that but seldom do trims -- probably should but haven't had a problem yet.

  6. Deb ~~ I am on the computer less this week, too, so don't feel bad! I'm getting excited about this little baby quilt; I'm about to go cut my "charm pack" now, so I can work on it tonight. I'm glad you've enjoyed using your bag, too. It makes me feel good that it is something you enjoy.

    Mrs. T ~~ Thanks for the tip about using vinegar in the pre-wash for dark colors! I'll remember that.

    Tammy ~~ I haven't worked with flannel very much, but it makes sense to get it to shrink as much as possible. I almost bought flannel for the baby quilt I'm making, but winters in Vancouver are mild, so didn't want it to be something she couldn't use much.

    Miss Linda ~~ I do get excited over new projects! LOL I didn't want to go to bed last night either after I got the strips sewn for my sister's bag. They're so pretty! I don't know what to tell you about the silk/wool. I would be afraid to wash it in the washer too. I've always read that a good rule of thumb is to wash/clean it the way you will clean your finished garment, so if you're going to dry clean them, that might be the way to go. Hope that helps!

    Barbara ~~ I didn't prewash till the time when I made about 20 matching reversible vests for the ladies in our church to wear for a conference when we lived in TX. When the ladies washed their vests - that they had paid us to make - one fabric shrunk and the other didn't. It was awful! I learned from that to prewash!


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