Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January's Friday Night Sew-In

My craft room is finally up and running . . . except that it's occupied by a son till Thursday . . . so I'm planning to play this Friday night during January's Friday Night Sew-In! It's been a long time since I got to play, so I'm looking forward to this one. I have a sweet friend who's having a baby in just a few weeks, so I want to make her a quilt. She's from our former church family in North Vancouver, and this baby is the first one born to that congregation, so he's a special little guy to us already. I still have to go buy my fabric (I do have the money already!), so I guess I should settle on a pattern, huh?


  1. How delightful! I love to sew--in fact my time on the computer has been reduced the last several days because I am trying to finish a couple of projects.

    I hope we get to see pictures of the quilt once it is completed!

  2. The pattern is definitely the hardest part!
    What did you pick?
    Have fun!
    PS. Once we get to the field, I'm going to start joining you in the sew-ins.

  3. Miss Linda, I will be sharing pics on Saturday of what I accomplish Friday night. And of course, if I don't get it all finished, I'll have to show pics of the finished product!

    Kami, I chose a baby pinwheel quilt from the Moda Bake Shop. It only takes one charm pack and some yardage for the back and binding. I'm going today to get the fabric, although it's hard to find charm packs here.


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