Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In Results

I'm late reporting in on my Friday Night Sew-In! We've been so busy today that I haven't even turned on my computer until about 5 minutes ago, but I wanted to participate in the sew-in results and let you see how I did last night.

How I did last night . . . was not so good! LOL I'm working on the Pinwheel Baby Quilt at Moda Bake Shop, which looks quite easy (and probably is), but I've never done pinwheels before. I worked some during the afternoon getting the cutting done, then had to take a break because our church is having prayer each night this week for our revival meetings starting tomorrow.

So when I got home, I sat down at the machine to make my first pinwheel block.

It was less than spectacular. In fact, it was so bad that I had to do it over again. And again. I finally got three blocks done that are presentable, but I'm going to have to undo the others and get them right. Here are my three that are decent. You don't want to see the bad ones! LOL

Isn't that fabric so cute?! I love that little giraffe peeking out. I'll be back with more pictures when I actually have something to show you! ;)


  1. Susan, they look beautiful. Truly beautiful! That's what I love about sewing--sometimes you are happy with the results and sometimes, well, not so much! Yet even when I'm not happy with the results I know I am growing in skills. With each mistake I get better!

    I finished my Friday Night Sew-In project and posted the results on my blog. I'm now off to lay out the fabric for a new skirt. I'm on a roll, but I do really need to try to get a little sleep!

    Have a blessed Lord's Day, my dear sister in Christ.

  2. Yes, the fabric is very cute and your blocks are great! You are being too hard on yourself. I bet the bad ones were ok too.

  3. The fabric is beautiful!

    How are you ironing your seams? Are you pressing them open or pressing them in opposite directions? Pressing them in opposite directions will help you get those middles matched up a little easier.

    Have fun sewing! :)

  4. Miss Linda ~~ Yes, I am learning from my mistakes! I will come and look at your sew-in results later this week. I'm mostly staying off the internet during our revival, to focus more on the Lord.

    Debbie ~~ If I showed you the "bad" ones, you would agree that they are bad! LOL I do have a tendency to be hard on myself, but these blocks really aren't even close to being good enough! ;)

    Tammy ~~ Yes, I'm pressing to one side. I'm not sure what the exact problem is, but I'm going to work on them as I have time this week to try to figure out the problem.

  5. Beautiful, Susan! And the fabrics are just adorable. Is that your ironing board cover underneath the blocks? I love that fabric, too! It must making ironing so much fun!

  6. I came over from Debbie J's blog to check out your Friday night sew in! I love the fabric you chose and this little quilt is going to be adorable!

  7. Beautiful fabric you got there! I think you did a great job on those blocks. Can't wait to see the finish result!

  8. Mrs. T ~~ Yes, that is my ironing board cover! I love it! Not only is it pretty, it's the best-fitting one I've ever had. Thanks for noticing it! ;)

  9. PenPen ~~ I'm so glad you stopped by! Thanks for your sweet words!

    Deanna ~~ Thanks! I'm falling in love with this fabric. Just not having a lot of time to work on the quilt this week.


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