Monday, December 27, 2010

Taking a Day Off

After our peaceful Sunday afternoon, we are taking Monday off to do a little family shopping, something we didn't do before Christmas. Yesterday was Boxing Day, which has become similar to American Black Friday with all the sales. Looks like a lot of the sales are continuing all week, so we're hoping to find some good deals. We all have gift cards and Christmas money.

We all slept late, had a big (late) breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and now we're headed out. Hope you're having a good day! Are you taking down your Christmas decorations yet? We're leaving ours up an insane amount of time: till after Jan. 11th, when our boys come home. But they will be down shortly thereafter!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas decorations. Each year in November I'm so antsy to put them up the moment Thanksgiving dinner is over (okay, AFTER the after dinner nap:) and I really enjoy them until Christmas dinner is over. Then I want to tear them all down and start a cleaning and organizing freny.

  2. I've been known to throw the tree out at the end of Christmas day, because the pine scent gave me a headache! I took all the decorations down yesterday, (28th) but the undecorated tree hasn't made it out the door yet. Once Christmas is over, I'm ready for the new year!
    Enjoy your visit with your boys!


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