Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Heart Devoted


Several years ago I shared with you the teen devotional book Glow in the Dark. We used this booklet each month with our own teens and had them available for the other teens in our church. Last month, Wes and I were privileged to meet the pastor of the church that produces this book, Pastor Kevin Albert. We enjoyed getting to know him - he has a son at West Coast Baptist College as well - and he mentioned that he would send us some samples of other products his church produces, which I promptly forgot.

Tuesday afternoon Wes came in from the church with a nice, thick, glossy book, immediately catching my attention. I'm a bit of a bookworm! He brought it over to me and announced that it was a ladies' devotional book. I took A Heart Devoted in my hands and began to ooh and aah over it. Ladies, this is an excellent devotional book! It's over 700 pages, one full year's worth, written by women in independent, fundamental Baptist ministry, such as Vickie Beller, Glorianne Gibbs, Carolann Capaci (our sending pastor's wife), Terrie Chappell, Kay Messer, and Donna Bishop; these are just a few of the authors, ones whom I have either met personally, met their husbands, or read their work in other books. The verses in it are solely from the King James Bible, and each devotion is something to truly think about, not just some bit of fluff. It includes a song for each day - how nice to have a sweet hymn to think upon during the day! - as well as a thought for the day and a daily Bible reading plan for each day of the year. The price? Just $19.95. I am beyond excited! Twenty dollars for a year's worth of devotions?! You can't beat it!

Pastor Albert does not know I'm writing this; I'm not being paid or rewarded to endorse this book. I'm just plain old excited about it and wanted to share it with you. The new year is in just a few weeks. You still have time to order it to begin on January 1st. I think it's well worth the money!


  1. It sounds wonderful! Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. Thank you Susan! It is very hard to find KJV devotion books for ladies and I have not bought my new devotion book yet for 2011. I am heading to order mine now!

  3. Deborah ~ You're welcome!

    Margaret ~ That's why I'm so excited about it!


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