Monday, December 06, 2010

The First Month

We've just passed the one-month mark of living in Kelowna! The time has gone fast, but in some ways it feels like it's been a lot longer than a month. That's not to say we're miserable; that's to say we're working hard! Wes has finally finished his office. He painted it and installed the dropped ceiling. Our landlord attached all the trim and had his brother help with the sheetrock and electrical stuff. It's taken all month, but now it's done (Wes hates that touch-up painting you have to do after the trim is installed!) and he's moved in to his office. Today he's going to set up my new-to-me desk and I can begin organizing my craft room.

This week begins the rush that is December in our church. The ladies decorated the church Saturday afternoon. The theme is a country Christmas. One lady brought in actual, real pine trees from her parents' property out in the country along with some pine cones, old lanterns, mini hay bales, ice skates, cowboy boots, and a gate. The platform now looks like a mini forest! It's so pretty!


And the banner behind the pulpit . . . one of our ladies made it. She designed it, painted it, and lettered it. Absolutely gorgeous!

We have a couple of parties planned, one for the adults and one for the teens, a family Christmas program, our annual Pastor's Open House, and a Watch Night Service for New Year's Eve. In between we'll continue our regular soulwinning, bus visitation, church services . . . it's busy, but it's exciting! Wes, Beth, and I have been helping with bus visitation on Saturday mornings, and I've come to love visiting the moms of the bus kids and getting to know them. I invited the teenaged sister of one of the bus riders last Saturday, and she came Sunday morning! I was so glad to see her, and I'm hoping to get her mom and dad to come soon. Speaking of bus visitation, Beth drove me around Saturday morning. This is my baby, driving a car! She did a fine job, but I do get a little nervous yet. Sunday morning, two of the bus riders accepted Jesus as their Saviour! That's the whole purpose of all the visiting, calling, inviting, picking up, singing, playing games - all in an effort to get the children under the message of the Gospel and see them saved. Praise the Lord for Dallas and Lily getting saved yesterday!

So that's what we're up to right now. Working and setting up house. Hopefully adding crafting and sewing within the next week. Loving being busy with real life!


  1. The decorations look wonderful! Glad to hear you are settling into your new church.

  2. The decorations are nice and that banner is gorgeous! So glad things are going well -- especially for the two who were saved!

  3. Hi Susan ~ Y'all do sound quite busy in your new place! I love the know that I would LOVE a country Christmas setting! It sure seems like everyone pitches in to help and that they are welcoming you with open arms. That's great! Thanks for the update!

  4. Susan, Everything looks lovely! God has blessed you with some talented ladies!!!

    I also cannot believe it has already been a month!!! Where does time go!

    Happy that you will have some time with your children at Christmas. Praying for you all.

  5. Deborah ~ We feel right at home already, praise the Lord! I think it's a harder transition for them than for us; they're the ones who had to find a new pastor.

    Barbara ~ Isn't that banner beautiful?! I am so amazed at this lady's talent. We're thrilled for the two saved on Sunday, too!

    Deb ~ We have been so blessed by the open hearts of the people here! The Lord's been good. Everyone so far has been anxious to be involved in whatever is going on, to the extent they can.

    Kelly ~ The month sure has flown by. We do have some incredible talent in our church! Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!


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