Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ladies' Craft Night

lcnladies110510, originally uploaded by bygrace3.
Sharing a pic with you of us ladies and our saltbox houses. This was taken almost two weeks ago. Our hostess is on the first row, far right. Doesn't she have a beautiful kitchen?!


  1. Yes, she does!! Fun times with special friends....

  2. It was a fun time, Diana, and we have another one coming up next week! :)

  3. These are so cute - what a fun craft! And, yes, that is a great kitchen:)

  4. oh my Word! I'd say she has a beautiful kitchen. Just look at that fireplace!! I also LOVE LOVE saltbox houses! My last home was decorated very Americana and Folk Artsy. I miss it so much! I miss the days when at our church here, we ladies would get together and do crafts or quilting classes, even scrapbooking in the fellowship hall was fun.

  5. What wonderful creations.


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