Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching Up

It's time to do some catching up! We've been so busy since we moved that each day just passes by in a flash. The house is looking nice - or at least the parts of it that we use daily. It's definitely colder here than in Vancouver. The locals say that winter is gray and dreary, although they don't get the rain that Vancouver does. So far, fall has been a mix of gray days and sunny days, with one or two rainy days thrown in just to make us feel at home! ;)
  • We've been getting to know our new church family these past two weeks. On Friday, the 5th, the ladies had a craft night at someone's home. The craft was making saltbox houses - little wooden houses that were used historically to hold salt in a pretty way. I guess we replaced them with salt shakers. Anyway, the lady hosting the craft night had already put the houses together and we were going to paint them. I love to craft, but I have never painted, so I was out of my element on that one! But I followed the lead of the others and ended up with a cute little saltbox house in which I put a flameless tealight and watch it flicker. Very country. Love it. And loved the relaxing fellowship with new friends! (I was going to add a picture, but Blogger isn't cooperating)
  •  On Sunday night, the 7th, we had the teens over to our house for SNAC - Sunday Night After Church. We had 14 teens in our house, and we had the noise to prove it! ;) We ate regular chili and White Chili and cookies, and then Wes had an idea for a game. We divided the teens into 3 teams (with one adult as an extra for one team), and had one person at a time from each team draw a portion of a self-portrait. The catch was that we folded the paper each time so that no one could see any part of the drawing except the part they were working on. It was hilarious!!! Then Wes had the nerve to put the drawings up in the hall at church this past Sunday! We took lots of pictures and then showed those as a slide show this Sunday, which gave the teens a good laugh . . . at each other. After the game, Wes brought a short devotion and everyone went home. It was short, but definitely something we're planning to do about once a quarter.
  • The day before we moved, I had a sale in my Etsy shop, HandmadeByGrace. It had been months since I'd had a sale, and now I had one after all my stuff was packed away! My customer very graciously was willing to wait till I could unpack my supplies . . . and then I had a flurry of sales the next week! The Lord was good to give me a little "mad" money and get me started again on my shop. I still don't have my craft room ready at all, but I have a little stash of supplies out and I'm trying to get a few things made and listed for the holiday season.
  • My craft room hinges upon Wes's study being finished. He's been working on it this week, painting and installing the ceiling. Due to the tiles the owner wants installed, we have to wait two weeks to finish the ceiling, but Wes says he can go ahead and use the study after the floor is installed - which begins tonight! So he should have a functional study within a week!
  • The boys are doing well at college. Due to their jobs, they can't come home at Christmas, so they're coming home for a week in mid-January and we'll just have their Christmas waiting for them! Sam had his oral theological exams yesterday. These are the biggest and baddest of the exams that senior young men face at WCBC; in fact, some young men fail their orals and have to retake them. Sam was pretty nervous about it, but he's been studying for months for this exam. He texted us immediately after his exam yesterday to let us know that he passed! I never doubted that he would, but I am relieved that it's over for him and he doesn't have it hanging over him all the time.
So that's all the stuff that's going on here. I'll be back later with The Week in Words. I've missed doing that meme and I'm anxious to get back to it!


  1. It's so good to hear from you again! Glad things are going so well. I love the acronym SNAC, and I have never heard of a game like that -- sounds so fun. I'd love to have a craft night with some other ladies.

  2. Barbara ~ I'm trying desperately to keep up with my blog! LOL I have to make some definite time in the day to sit down and write or it won't get done. It's good to see you! :)


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