Friday, October 22, 2010

The (Mis)Adventures of Lucy & Ethel Beth & Susan

You know by now that Beth and I are prone to adventures when we are out and about. Yesterday I mentioned that we'd had some on our short little trip to the US on Wednesday. They were mostly my adventures, but I'm willing to share them with Beth. For which she is eternally grateful. Ahem.

This one didn't start till we were almost back to Canada. Our gas gauge is messed up in the van and doesn't read accurately below 1/2 tank, so we always fill up now when it gets to 1/2 tank, just to keep from running out of gas accidentally.

Quit getting ahead of me! We didn't run out of gas.

All the way down I kept saying, "We need to stop and get gas while we're down here. It's below 1/2 a tank." Because we had some time constraints, I just kept pushing, right past Costco and all the gas stations in town, toward the out-in-the-country home of our friend who is getting married. I figured we could get gas in her tiny town with no probems.

When we left her home, I saw one gas station at the Safeway store, but the price seemed too high. The way it works near the border is that the farther you get from the border, the cheaper the gas is. In Vancouver, it's high, like $1.14/liter. Consider that there are 4 liters per gallon, and you see how much we pay for gas in Vancouver. So the $3.09/gallon just over the border wasn't bad, but I thought it was still too high for where we were, so I drove on.

We didn't find any more gas stations till we got to the border, so I decided to go to the one literally right outside the border, where we've filled up before. When we got there, though, the price as $3.29/gallon! Oh, dear! It's way higher than I expected. So I called Wes to ask if he really wanted us to fill up there. He said it was cheaper than Vancouver, so go ahead.

This is where the adventure begins.

I swiped my credit card, authorized it, removed the nozzle and put it in my gas tank, pressed the handle and clicked it into place. Then I went back to the driver's seat and replaced my credit card and chatted with Beth. After a few minutes I noticed that the pump wasn't pumping anymore and looked to see the price. Only $26.00. Which would have been fine, except I know we pay more than that to fill up, even when it's only down to 1/2 a tank. So I work the handle to see if more gas will pump in, but nothing happens. I took the nozzle out and turned on the car to see the gas gauge in the exact same spot it had been before I filled up!


So I go back through the whole process again. No gas pumps into my tank. Beth suggests maybe the pump is out of gas, but I've never heard of or known that to happen. I realize I'm going to have to go in and get help from the attendant. But before I do, I check everything one. more. time.

And that's when I saw it.

A little sign down by the nozzle.

Lever up: ON
Lever down: OFF

I had an AHA! moment and turned the pump ON!

Gas pumps. I chat. I check price. $63.00. That's more like it.

I hear splashes.


You know that little lever thingy that holds the nozzle on until the gas tank is full, then it clicks off so that nature isn't harmed and gas doesn't cascade down the side of your car???

It didn't work.

Nature was harmed and gas cascaded down the side of my car.

And we stunk all the way back to Canada. Which wasn't far. But still.


  1. Ooopsie daisy!

    I will put off getting gas as long as possible. It drives my dear hubby crazy.

    But I had a neighbor (retired) who had never pumped gas until her husband was ill and unable to fill her vehicle. I had to teach her how.

    Thanks for sharing this misadventure.

    Becky K.

  2. I have to admit...I laughed out loud at your retelling of what happened with you and Beth. Sounds just like something that would happen to me. I hope all is well with you and your family.
    God Bless!

  3. I'm not laughing. he he he

    I dare say we have all been there in some fashion.


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