Friday, October 08, 2010

Mag Bustin'

Here it is, Friday again, and we've been fluttering along this week. Yesterday was our day to do our once-a-month shopping again - I can't believe how fast the past month went - and on Tuesday night Beth had a babysitting job. Then there's the house. I'm trying to declutter again, going through each room, closet, and drawer to see what we can do without and what we can keep. I really need to cull out some books and magazines. Especially the magazines. I keep thinking I'll go through those mags and cut out pictures and articles I'm interested in, but "someday" never comes and now I'm thinking I'll just toss them all. In the recycling bin, of course! ;)

I did finally throw away my years and years worth of Taste of Home magazines. After all, you can find and print any of the recipes in the magazines from their website. I finally decided I didn't need all the mags filling up a shelf when I don't use every single recipe in them; why not just print what I need as I need it and file it in a notebook for that purpose? But there were the kitchens! If you've ever subscribed to TOH, you know that one of the features is "Touring Country Kitchens," and it's one of my favorite things about the mags. I would be so sad not to be able to look at those kitchens anymore! So I googled "touring country kitchens" and found that one of TOH's sister mags, Country Woman, has a website where you can still tour those country kitchens . . . so I had no excuse. Out the door went the TOH magazines!

I also have a box full of old Victoria magazines that someone so sweetly gave me. She knew I enjoyed old-fashioned things, so she offered them to me and I gladly took them. But I've never done anything with them, so now I think I'll pass them along again. They are gorgeous and fun to look at, but I (sniff) really don't have a need to keep them. Or the space. Ahem.

 I have some quilting magazines to go through now . . . oh, the agony! LOL These are old issues of The Quilter's Newsletter that I found at our rec centre. I think I paid about $2.00 for the set of 20 or so, as they were available for a donation. I've looked through them, even tried to sell them through my Etsy shop, but I still have them. I think I'll keep these for my quilting library.

So that's a glimpse of what I've been doing this week. Mag Bustin'. What have you been up to?


  1. You might try the Victoria mags on Etsy and see what happens. It's worth $.20 to see!

    I don't like to keep magazines around either. I had a ton that I cleared out of my sewing room at one point. I realized that I was just never going to go back and look at them much less through them! So in the recycle bin they went!

  2. Oh the guilt I have now! I have a folder that I keep recipes in and I have a folder for "my dream house" so I tend to ditch Woamns Day and such but I just can not get rid of Southern Living or Martha Stewart living. Not that I look at them often but like you said I may NEED to look at them someday. I have some from 2000 even. Boy would Flylady be after me!

    Ok, you have inspired me!

  3. What did you do with the old magazines? In SC I had people to pass different ones to. Salvation Army there wouldn't take them. The rescue mission did take some. I hate to just throw them away.

    I pull out recipes from TOH and throw the tattered remnants away. But I am thinking of not renewing my subscription because I have so many stacked up. I have a few Victoria and others still stacked up.

  4. Tammy ~ I love to *save* magazines, but I don't like to *go through* magazines to get out what I want to keep! ;)

    Margaret ~ I have a notebook that I bought on clearance to put recipes in. It says Recipes on the front and has dividers and page protectors - it's made for filing recipes printed from online. I just need to put the recipes IN it!

    Barbara ~ The TOH's I threw away went into the recycling. It makes me feel better when I know that they will at least be recycled, if not actually used again.

  5. I did a magazine purge recently, too. One afternoon this week my eldest decided to "organize" my magazine basket. Guess I'll have to post about it. ;)

  6. When my parents moved to town from the farm, dad had stacks of gardening magazines that I couldn't bear to see thrown away, so I took them. They now sit on the top shelf of a closet, waiting for me to one day have time to look through them. I don't know when that day may come, but gardens never go out of style, so unless my husband sees them some day and says, get rid of them, they'll stay put!

  7. Great job! I cleaned out some toys and baby stuff. It was hard getting rid of the baby stuff. I love quilting mags! I need some more ;) lol


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