Tuesday, October 12, 2010


One man
One woman
One life

Twenty-six years ago today, Wes and I began our life together. We're still excited about that life, still experiencing new things, still looking forward to what that life holds for us.

Last night we were crunching the numbers of our life . . .

3 children
1 cat
4 hamsters
6 dogs (we think)
Several fish
14 houses
7 cities
4 states
2 countries
6 churches
11 cars (we think)
2 camping trips (that's all I need)
15 years of homeschooling
14 years of full-time ministry
2 1/2 years and 70,000 miles of missionary deputation
2 sets of godly parents who love and support us
8 siblings
5 siblings-in-law
17 nieces and nephews
Hundreds of friends across North America and the world . . .

We have been so very blessed!


  1. Happy anniversary! That's quite a list, and you surely are blessed!

  2. Happy, Happy, Anniverary!!! I love your post, by the way. That was fun to read.


  3. Happy anniversary! I like that idea if counting up things! I'll have to remember that for our next one. Though I'd have a hard time being accurate on some of the categories.

  4. Deb ~ We are SO blessed, and the Lord just keeps on giving! :)

    Kristi ~ Thanks for the anniversary wishes - it was fun to count up, too! Wes and I had a few chuckles as we remembered some of the things we've done over the years.

    Barbara ~ We thought this up and added up the things at dinner last night. It was fun!

  5. Susan & Wes, Happy 26th Anniversary!!! I enjoyed your lists!

  6. Wishing you both many more happy years serving the Lord together! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Great number crunching!

  8. Happy Anniversary! That's such a cool thing to do. :)


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