Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Meeting Friends

You all know I love to meet bloggy friends when I travel. I was so blessed to meet two of my blogging friends in Lancaster last week - or has it been almost 2 weeks ago already?

For several months, I've known that my friend Christina at HSKubes Haven at Home would be bringing her eldest to begin college, so we made plans to meet in the campus coffee shop on Sunday afternoon. It turned out that Christina didn't get to come after all, but her husband and daughter would still meet with our family on Sunday. Imagine my delight when Wes and I sat down for Sunday school in the main auditorium and there, across the aisle from us in the same row, were Christina's husband and daughter! I recognized them immediately, and when we had the fellowship time I went over and asked the young lady if she was who I thought she was (I actually called her name, but I believe Christina protects her children's names online, and I want to be careful to respect her privacy!). I told her who I was, and that sweet girl hugged me like I was a long-lost relative! Wes and I introduced ourselves to her father, and then we met again on Sunday afternoon at the coffee shop. Beth and Christina's girl hit it off right away and chattered the entire hour, and Wes and Christina's husband got along quite well too (he is in the Marines and Wes was in the Air Force, so they talked military stuff the whole time). I saw Christina's daughter a couple more times during the week we were there, and let me tell you, this girl will do well! She is not a bit shy, she is enthusiastic about everything that's going on, and she loves life and loves the Lord deeply. Every time I saw her and asked how she was doing, she replied, "Great! I'm lovin' it!" :) I can't wait to see how the Lord uses this girl!

Another of my bloggy friends, Jennifer of Creative Learners, actually lives near Lancaster and goes to the church there. She and I met briefly when we took Samuel down for school his freshman year, but this time I invited her to join us for coffee on Sunday afternoon too. She made the time in her busy schedule (she just started working on her degree in elementary and special education - she inspires me - plus she homeschools her children and is active in the local homeschooling community) to come by, and she even had her husband and children drop by on their way to various meetings and practices to meet us. Then, while the others talked to their new friends, Jennifer and I talked homeschooling and college. You know those people you just click with, like old friends? Jennifer was like that for me! I really hated to see our hour come to an end, but I'm so glad we got to know each other a little better this time, and I look forward to seeing her more through our years of having children at WCBC.

The one thing I forgot to do was take pictures! When I'm in the excitement of the moment I always forget to take a picture. But I will have those memories forever!

Have you met any online friends?


  1. I just loved reading your account of the meeting! I missed being there but am so glad you were still able to meet my husband and eldest! I know she was thrilled to meet you and your whole family! Thank you for being a blessing to her and for blessing me with your words.
    I look forward to the day we will get to meet! And we'll be sure to take pictures. ;o) lol

    ~ Christina

  2. How fun!

    I think you know one person I've met. ;)

    I have met online friends over the years! There are several ways for it to go: you will really click IRL, just like you do online; or it is possible you don't click IRL, even though you do online. But either way it is still fun to meet up with online friends! :-)

  3. Christina ~~ I can't wait till we get to meet! And we definitely will take pictures! LOL

    Tammy ~~ Who might you have met that I know??? ;D I don't think I've met anyone yet that I didn't click with IRL. If they'll talk, I'll click! :)

  4. What fun! I have met a couple of people from the TM subscriber list, but the only person I met with through my blog was someone I already knew back in college.

  5. Barbara, I hope you and I can meet someday, hopefully on our furlough next year. Lots of traveling=lots of meeting online friends! LOL

  6. Hi Susan ~ we've met a few families IRL because we read each others' blogs. Three different families contacted us about stopping by for an overnight when they were traveling from way across the country. Friends who heard about it thought we were crazy for having folks come who we "didn't know." But I felt like we certainly did know them. And we had such a great time!!

    I've only contacted someone ONCE to say I'd be in their area and could we meet. I wrote about it in my Canada posts, and it was very fun!

    Just this week a lady who lives in Richmond (2 hrs away) and reads my blog emailed me to say she'd be traveling in my area and could we meet this coming Saturday morning. I don't know her at all as she's never commented on the blog, although she's emailed me before. We're going to meet at the quilt shop...that should give us something to talk about! :)

  7. What a sweet blessing! I really enjoyed meeting up with you and your family! Thank you so much for your kindness and friendliness to me my first few days of college. Hope to see you again next semester!

  8. Deb ~~ I saw that you'd met an online friend in Canada. I got to read about your trip, but was so tired when I was reading that I couldn't make a coherent comment!

    Ally ~~ We'll definitely be there for graduation, as Sam will be graduating this year. We'll see you for sure then!

  9. Oh Susan,
    What a nice post! Can you believe I just now saw it! I just changed my format on my blog, and there in my admin window was a link to this post!
    I so enjoyed our time together back in September. I loved seeing you again this time around... one of your visits.. while I know you are here to see your children, perhaps you and I can steal away and have lunch! And I feel the same way about you!! Simply.. clicked!


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