Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Homekeeper's Journal: Nesting

I just came across this weekly meme from the Christian HomeKeeper Network within the past few weeks. I like it because it is helpful, not simply fun questions, and because it asks thoughtful questions. I hope to participate regularly. Do you like reading this type of post? I'd really like to know. Memes are good writing prompts for me, but I don't necessarily want my blog to be all memes; it seems canned or artificial if that's all I do. So you let me know!
This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is all about Nesting …….
Let’s define our terms ….
Nest - a snug retreat or refuge; resting place; home.
Nesting - to build or have a nest
In my neck of the woods its getting cooler and Autumn isn’t far away. Its time to start nesting and get my home cozy and comfortable for the cooler days ahead.  I want to create a retreat from the world, a resting place, home.
Get your thinking caps on and lets talk about how we can arrange, order, decorate and change our homes so that they are a warm wonderful retreat for our families this Autumn and Winter.

My kitchen would be more inviting if …………. I had a place for people to sit and visit with me in the kitchen.
My best tip for making a home seem more welcoming ….. keeping clutter picked up and put away. I like for my home to be a peaceful place for the eyes as well as the body and spirit.

To give the feeling of warmth in my home I often ….. light candles. I've recently discovered flameless candles. At first I thought they'd look too fake, but when you use them in the right context (frosted votive cups are my favorite) they look real without the danger of a real flame.

Flameless tealights under frosted shades

In the cooler months, it is essential for me to …..have throws on my furniture! We live in rainy, dark Vancouver, and it's SO nice to curl up under a throw or quilt!

My first quilt

Some favorite Autumn/Winter recipes are ….. Beth and I love to make recipes using pumpkin, and I like to make soups and stews in the crockpot so they can simmer all day. Our favorite autumn soup is Potato Minestrone. I add browned hamburger to make it a little more hearty and serve it with a fresh loaf of homemade bread.

A Quick Tip for making your house more inviting ……Be yourself! Pick up and clean up, fix something yummy to eat . . . then be yourself. Your family and friends are there to see you, not your house!

Now it's your turn!
1. Make your own entry at your blog using the prompts that are in bold type above.
2. Finish out the prompts with your own words.
3. Grab the Homekeeper’s Journal picture and use it on your blog with a link to CHK.
4. Go back to CHK and put your blog entry in the linky on this week's Homekeeper's Journal post.


  1. I know what you mean about not having too many memes. I struggle with that -- they are a fun way to get to know people, and there are more I would see that look interesting, but I don't want a meme-heavy blog.

    I'll have to check into this. Some of my favorite homemaking blogs have fizzled out, and that kind of blog is inspiring to me.

    We love to keep throw blankets around, too.

  2. Barbara, I like the memes that you do, and some of them have interested me so much that I've begun participating in them too. The questions on this one are more thought-provoking than many memes I've seen, and I love the homemaking aspect of it. I hope you'll join in!

  3. This one looks like fun, so I may try to participate next week.

  4. I just finished putting my throws on the furniture and filling a basket full of throws next to the couch. I love the homey, snuggly feeling they give, plus it's fun to snuggle up with a youngin' or my hubby next to the fire under one.

    We used to live in Canada also, actually my youngest was born there. We were missionaries in Aklavik, NWT.

    Glad to meet you, love your blog!

  5. I enjoy reading memes to know people - ya know the trivial stuff - the little facts about people. If you read their posts tho you can know them - their thoughts and ideas. I have enjoyed getting to know my online friends over the past couple of years.

  6. Nikki ~~ These really make you think! :)

    Taylormom ~~ I saw that you were missionaries in northern Canada; that's a bit farther north than we are! I imagine you needed all your throws in the winter so far up north. I'm glad to have you drop by my blog! :)

    Tammy ~~ I enjoy memes and just reading everyday things about people. I love blogging!


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