Thursday, September 16, 2010


What a week! I've found it hard to find time, coherent thoughts, and energy to devote to this little blog this week. I had all sorts of plans to write posts ahead of time, to pop on here and there to post a happy little blurb, but it just hasn't happened. Life has happened. Nothing serious. Just life.

Have I mentioned that this has been a crazy summer? Many ups and downs, much wondering what's next, much doing the next thing, and as we head into fall I see more of that type of thing coming up. I thought we would settle back into life as normal after our trip to Lancaster, but we haven't. I can't give you anything specific, but just know that it's been crazy. And I wasn't dealing with it well.

My prayer life was weak, but my worry life was alive and well! I finally got tired of carrying all that stuff around and laid it down at my Father's feet. And He was there. Waiting for me to get tired of carrying it all myself and let Him carry it for me.

So that's where I am today. Worn out from carrying my plans and ideas around, but now resting in the peace that comes from giving it all to God. I don't know that I'll have any more time or inclination to write than I have recently, but I'll be around when I can. And I'm always at your blogs, interested in what's going on in your lives.


  1. I appreciated your *realness*...and know what you mean, truly I do....just leaving things to our Saviour sometimes comes for me after way way to many days of fretting, stewing...not in the WORD...etc...and then somehow, the Holy Spirit...brings me back...and I am so glad...the circumstances didn't often change..but my heart you Susan...

  2. Great post!!! Don't know why we continually try to carry all that stuff unnecessarily.

  3. Hi Susan ~ I'm so sorry that things lately have weighed you down. I can identify. It's like a favorite song of mine says, "Farther along we'll know all about it; farther along we'll understand why. Cheer up, my brother, live in the sunshine. We'll understand it, all by and by." Thanks for sharing that there's been a load to lay down...I'll be praying that things will work out.

  4. Deby ~~ I was talking to another friend earlier this evening, and we were amazed at how we both hang on to things instead of giving them to the Lord. It must be a "human" trait!

    Diana ~~ I don't know either, but it sure is peaceful when we finally let it go.

    Deb ~~ Please do keep praying, and thank you! They aren't horrible burdens, but definitely things I need to let the Lord control.

  5. Thank you for your transparency. I struggle with this too. As you say, I think it's a 'human' trait. We're just used to being able to fix most things on our own (which I don't necessarily think is a good thing.) and when we can't it brings us up short and back to where we need to be.--Dependent on our Heavenly Father.

    Blessings and Hugs my friend!

  6. I don't seem to have too much problem taking things to the Lord in prayer -- but I do have a problem leaving them there!

  7. Michele ~~ I think maybe the Lord knows that not being able to fix things will bring us back to Him, and that's why He lets us get into these things.

    Barbara ~~ So true! When I finally let go of my way and give them to Him, then I'll sometimes go back and pick them up again. Good reminder!


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