Thursday, August 12, 2010

Prayer Devotionals

I've discovered a daily email devotional that is THE best I've ever subscribed to or read. It has no explanations of Scripture, no inspirational quotes, no songs, no stories. It's in a simple format; no bells and whistles. But it is powerful. It's Matthew Henry's Daily Method for Prayer.

I had never heard of Henry's Daily Method for Prayer until one of my Facebook friends (I can't even remember who it was) posted a link in their status about this daily email service. I love the old writers for their depth, so I was attracted to it immediately. This is how the emails work:
Each day you'll receive a self-contained unit of a particular chapter of Henry's book, about 1 to 1.5 book pages long. Instead of moving you through the book consecutively, the emails will cycle you through the different parts of prayer nearly every week: Adoration, Confession, Petition, Thanksgiving, Intercession, and Conclusion (coupled with the chapter on the Lord's Prayer). These emails will take you through the heart of the book (Chapters 1-7) twice in a single year.
Here's a sample email, showing you how Henry focuses on one aspect of prayer by praying relevant Scripture back to God. I find it powerful, humbling, and uplifting to pray these verses back to God. Up till now I've just been reading the emails, but I'm going to literally start praying these Scriptures to the Lord. I'm not a prayer warrior, and I'm definitely not a person to read a prayer instead of actually praying, but God honors His Word (Psalm 138:2), and I believe He would be pleased to hear His Word spoken back to Him and applied in prayer to my life. Just a note: the sample shows the verses in the ESV, but your subscription is customized to the version you prefer. I chose KJV - First Person.

I encourage you to take a look at the home page for this subscription and consider subscribing to it yourself. Just scroll down the page to see the choices for your subscription and to enter your email address. Even if you just read the emails, you'll be blessed!


  1. I just finished reading one of Matthew Henry's books. I like his writings. I also just wrote on prayer. I need to be more devoted to it.

  2. Hi Susan ~ thanks so much for bringing this devotional site to our attention. I just signed up (altho I have to admit I like devotionals with songs, quotes, and stories). I'll check this one out and see how it is. Thanks again.

  3. Deb B. ~ I love to read the old writers, but it takes a lot of concentration! I also need to work on my prayer life - you're not alone in that!

    Deb G. ~ I think you'll like these prayer devotionals. I didn't mean that I don't like the ones with quotes and songs and such, just that I like these even without all that! :)


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