Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday: Extracurricular Activities

What type of extra-curricular school activities did you participate in during your school days? Clubs? Spelling bees or other contests? Cheerleader or drill team? Sports? Journalism? Choir or theater? Were there any memorable events related to those? Did you receive any awards? Were football games a big deal at your school? Did you usually attend - and was it with a group or as a date? What was Homecoming like?

My extracurricular activities weren't all that impressive. My one talent was in spelling. In 8th grade, we were living in Tennessee and I was in public school. I participated in the spelling bee that year, but was thwarted by an announcer who didn't clearly pronounce her words. I asked her to repeat the word when she pronounced 'bulky', but it still sounded like 'BOOLkey' to me. I can't remember how I spelled it, but it was wrong and I was out. I should have asked for the definition too!

My senior year I was back in a large Christian school which was a member of the South Carolina and National Association of Christian Schools. I won the state spelling competition and was in the nationals, which were held at Bob Jones University that year, in my hometown. I placed third in that competition, which I felt was pretty decent. I received a trophy, a ribbon, and my 15 seconds of fame.

I was a cheerleader my sophomore year in a very VERY small Christian school in Tennessee. Our basketball team was horrible, but I enjoyed going to all the games and being in the supposed "in" crowd. We didn't have a huge crowd, so technically we were all in. Although I could argue that point. Anyway, I wouldn't have had the courage to try out if I'd been in a larger school, nor would I have made the team if I'd had the courage! Sometimes a small school has its benefits!

I was in choir my senior year, which was in the much larger Christian school in SC. We were supposed to audition for choir, but that year the senior class took their trip at the beginning of the school year instead of the end, and we were gone during choir auditions. As a result, any seniors who wanted to be in choir didn't have to audition, and so . . . I was in choir. I felt like an imposter the entire year, but I sure loved being in choir! We got to sing at the mall, on a float in the Christmas parade, and at major school events. It was a good experience, and I'm glad my mom talked me into "auditioning!" ;)

I was pretty shy and quite awkward around most people, especially the boys, so I didn't try out for many things or get into some of the more popular clubs and activities. Being in 3 different high schools of varying sizes offering limited opportunities didn't help a lot either. I thought I knew a lot of people and lots of things that went on at school, but I see conversations on Facebook among former classmates that make me realize I was pretty much out of the loop on everything! So my school years were pretty uneventful compared to many, I suppose, but I enjoyed the few things I did. Winning at spelling gave me a boost of confidence, and being in choir gave me some good experience in music. The cheerleading thing was just a fluke! Ha!


  1. I enjoyed your great flashback post!

  2. LOL @ "BOOLkey". Sorry you lost though!

  3. Oh I always wanted to be in a spelling bee!

  4. Mine weren't that exciting either. But I don't really remember minding that at the time.

  5. I was the same way in a small school -- I had more courage to try out for things I never would have even considered in the larger school I came from.

  6. I enjoyed your memories! Glad you got to be in the choir:)

  7. Enjoyed stopping by today and reading your memories. My high school years were fairly uneventful too but I was quite content with them. I was never "in" but didn't know it. The thing about it is that when we all grow up, no one knows if we were "in" or not and further more, most could care less. :o) Have a wonderful week-end!

  8. Ahhh school! It was such fun but I'm so glad it's over! lol I was a cheerleader a few years and joined the intramural volleyball league the one year they had it. lol I'm not sure if Orchestra counts as extracurricular. But I've got a great orchestra story that my teacher loves to tell.

    I'm loving these posts where you're getting us involved in the comments. =)

  9. That must have been a bummer to miss a word because the announcer pronounced it improperly. I know I'm always asking people to spell things (I'm so much more familiar with the written word than the pronounced word--I remember finally discovering sometime in middle or high school that the word pronounced KAY-oss and the word I'd been reading and pronouncing Cha (like the beginning of "chattel") OHS (like the end of "shows") were one and the same. Of course, I'd have defined them the same, I just hadn't realized that they actually were the same.

    The problem with asking people to spell a word when I don't recognize the way they pronounce it is that, most of the time, they have no idea how to spell it. And, of course, you couldn't ask the announcer of a spelling bee to spell a word for you because you didn't understand the pronunciation :-)


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