Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I just thought I'd share bits and pieces of our life the past couple of weeks. I still haven't gotten around to picking all the pictures of our days while the boys were home, but I do want to do that. Andrew took some really good pictures when we went for a picnic, and then there are some fun ones from other days while they were here. It all went so fast that it felt like we just got turned around good and they were gone again.

Speaking of Andrew taking pictures, he has gotten to be quite the photographer. He's working in the graphics department at Lancaster Baptist Church and loves it. He's working full time and learning a lot as he goes along. He helps run the sound system and the live-stream cameras, too. All of this is just perfect for him and he loves it. During the first Sunday he was here I was teasing and asking him if he missed Lancaster, and he said yes! LOL He was missing all the work he gets to do. Now that's loving your work! I'm so glad the Lord opened this job for him. He used to say he didn't want to work with computers because they were his fun, and he didn't want it to become work - but he's found out that sometimes you're blessed to have a job doing what you love!

Sam has been in Japan for the past week. Several people have asked if he's on a mission trip, to which we reply that he's on a mission, but not a mission trip! During the spring of his sophomore year, he met a girl and invited her to the Spring Banquet at school. They've been getting to know each other for all this time and have dated as much as her parents would allow. She was born in Japan to missionary parents, and every year she goes home to Japan. This spring her dad invited Sam to come visit them in Japan . . . and that's all it took! ;) He spent 12 hours on a plane last Wednesday/Thursday, landing in Tokyo and taking the bullet train to Osaka and on to Kobe. He's been getting to know her family and just jumped right into everything they are doing, including helping with a Vacation Bible School in Tokyo this week. He even sang in Japanese last Sunday! They wrote out the words phonetically so he could pronounce them. I'm grateful that they have welcomed him to their home and shown him around Japan. It's been the trip of a lifetime for him, and I'm so glad he got to go. He leaves tomorrow night, Japan time, and arrives back in Los Angeles tomorrow morning. It's all I can to keep up with what time it is over there. That pesky International Date Line messes with my mind big time! ;) Edited: I just found out that Samuel is leaving Japan tonight and arriving in LA tomorrow morning. I had it all wrong! LOL

Beth cut her thumb a couple of weeks ago opening a can of sweetened condensed milk. She was using her thumb as leverage to open the pop-top, and her hand slipped. The lid cut deep into her thumb. One minute she was fine, the next blood was pouring from her finger. We got the bleeding to slow down long enough to see that it was pretty deep, so I took her to the local walk-in clinic to see if it needed stitches. She got three. She was cool as a cucumber the entire time, while my tummy was quivering every time I looked at that cut! It's healing very well, but because the little nerves at the end of her thumb were cut, so it's still numb. The doctor said they may or not grow back together, so her thumb may be permanently numb in that one spot.

I had to go down to the US the other day, so I stopped at the mall. I don't usually go to Macy's because it's so expensive. Right now they're having a huge clearance sale, and I found two skirts and two tops there for $6-$12 each. I know! At Macy's! I think it's my new favorite store! So run out to Macy's and check out their clearance racks.

A funny and then I'm done. Last night, when Wes came to bed, I had already fallen asleep, which is unusual. I like to talk after we go to bed, so usually he's the one falling asleep while I talk. Well, last night, he got in the bed and woke me up. He was the one who wanted to talk, and I just kept mumbling at him when I came to the surface long enough to know what he was saying. Finally, I woke up enough to say something coherent to him, and what does the man do? He rolls over and goes to sleep when I start talking! Now I'm wide awake and he's sleeping. I lay there for two hours trying to go back to sleep! This morning we laughed about it and he said, "I just needed to hear your voice to help me go to sleep!" Good grief!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. :)

    Interesting mission Sam is on. ;-)

    My fingers that I cut open were tender for a while, gradually the nerves healed. They used to really hurt when the weather would change, but I haven't noticed that for a while.

  2. Tammy ~ Sam has been very interested in this mission! LOL We like the girl very much, and so glad he got to go over and spend time with her family. Beth's thumb looks great, but she says it's still numb. At least it's not tender and aching!

  3. It's so neat when the kids start having new opportunities. I'm glad this girl's family was willing to have Sam over -- sounds like they took him right in. And Andrews jobs sound fun.

    Poor Beth! Hope her thumb heals well.

    LOL at the last paragraph!

  4. Barbara ~~ It's almost as exciting to watch our children's lives as it is to live our own! LOL We like the girl Sam went to visit, and it blessed me so much for her mother to be so kind to our boy. He's back in Lancaster now and had a wonderful time.


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