Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots of Excitement!

Today has been an unusually hectic day. It started with a trip to the grocery store. Not that that's all that hectic, but it was just the beginning. Ever since my friend Maureen fell back in January and spent several weeks in the hospital, I've been checking with her to see what she needs each week when I buy my groceries. Today was no exception. But when I got to her house, she had tears in her eyes! I knew that her ailing husband had fallen and broken his leg a couple of days ago and was awaiting surgery, but when I saw tears I was afraid there was bad news. What had actually happened was that they'd taken him to surgery but had failed to call her and let her know in time to go and see him before he went in. They've been married 51 years, and now he lives in an assisted-living facility, and she naturally wanted to see him before this major surgery (his leg is broken just below his hip). So I sat with her for a bit to help her calm down, then I had to come home and get my groceries put away so I could finish running my errands.

After my errands, it was time to go and pick up Andrew from the airport! It took me about an hour get to the airport, through heavy Vancouver traffic, and it sure was good to see my boy and get a hug from him. As soon as we got home, I asked him if he could fix my cell phone. It was giving me messages that my memory was full, but I had emptied a bunch of old text messages from it, and even one entire program I wasn't using anymore. And it wouldn't let me send texts! He took one quick look, knew exactly what the problem was and fixed it. All in about 10 minutes after we walked in the door! Yay!

I fixed us some supper, and Beth began baking for a picnic she and Andrew are going on tomorrow. As I was making my salad, Beth was opening a can of sweetened condensed milk. Suddenly I saw blood dripping and she was saying, "It cut deep!" She had cut her thumb on the lid! We got the bleeding stopped well enough to see that it was indeed pretty deep, and since she's going to camp next week, I decided we should run to the clinic to have it looked at. Two hours later, we're back home with 3 stitches in her thumb and an overdue tetanus booster (why do doctors make me feel so guilty for homeschooling and not realizing she needed that tetanus booster in grade 9?).

So that was our day. Beth is finishing her lemon bars and Andrew is asleep on the couch. I think we're all about ready to scratch this one off the calendar and start new tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds busy indeed!

    Ouch to the stitches! I sliced my fingers with a knife and got 10 stitches (remember that? I was cutting butter with a butcher knife! LOL). Stitches aren't fun.


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