Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Weekend Away

Since it's been a week since our weekend away, I figured I should post some pictures and tell you what we did. I'm on top of things like that, you know!

We left on Friday morning and took Beth to some friends' house to stay for the weekend. They're also a pastor's family, and the parents of the pastor's wife were the ones filling in for us at church on Sunday, so they could bring Beth with them to our church (I'm sure that's clear as mud!). We stopped for lunch at a little sandwich shop in Blaine, WA, which is immediately across the US/Canada border.

 Wes enjoying his free doughnut from Krispy Kreme on National Doughnut Day

After lunch we headed south toward Seattle. We stopped at several places along the way to shop. That's what Canadians do when they go to the States! We stopped at a mall, then an outlet mall. This outlet mall has never appealed to us much because it is ugly, spread out, and never has many customers. But it does have a fabric outlet. Wes sat in the car while I went in the fabric outlet. I felt bad for him, but he's an easygoing guy and didn't mind a bit. I wasn't over impressed with the store's prices overall, but they did have several tables with remnants at $4.20 a yard, which is a good price. I will definitely keep that in mind when I need more fabric! As I was getting ready to leave I noticed a basket on a table that had bundles of fabric in it. As I was digging through it, I saw the fabric I've had my eye on for over a year and just couldn't bring myself to buy at full price up here: Rebel Roses. I can't even find any online to point you to it - it's over a year old and already gone! Our fabric store has some of it, but I'd never been able to find more than 2 designs in the line. There were 3 bundles of it at the outlet store, and they were composed of 1/2-1 yard pieces of different fabrics in the line. The price averaged out to a little less than $6.00 a yard, which is not bad for designer fabric, so I got 2 bundles for a total of 12 pieces. And I have plans for those pieces! :) I'll be showing you what I make with them as I get them done. I was so excited about finding this fabric that I had a hard time sleeping that night: I kept dreaming about the stuff I want to make! LOL

 My fabric released from its bundles and ready to play with! ;)

We also visited the Bass Shoe outlet, and they were running a sale to buy one pair of shoes, get two free. Well. Wes found a pair of shoes he needed . . . so that meant he could buy the one pair, and I could get the two free, right? So that's what we did! I got a pair of sandals and a pair of ballerina flats.

We finally just drove straight down to our hotel just south of Seattle where we stay when we go to the Preacher's Delight conference in January. We'd heard lots of good stuff about Claim Jumper, so that's where we chose to eat that evening. Wes had chicken and ribs, and I had steak. There was a lot of food, but honestly, it wasn't as good as were expecting. We left full, though!

At The Market

On Saturday we went to the famous Pike Place Market on the waterfront in Seattle and spent several hours there. This place was fantastic! It's like a huge farmer's market, with vendors selling everything from fresh salmon to flowers to jewelry to fruits and vegetables. I couldn't believe that you could get a huge flower arrangement - with the most gorgeous peonies I've ever seen - for just $10.00! We didn't get any, of course, because we weren't coming home till Sunday night, but they were so hard to pass by!

 One of those fabulous $10.00 bouquets

One of the main attractions at Pike's is the first Starbucks store! Of course we had to go there. And buy something. So we bought insulated cups that have "First Starbucks Store" on them - very trendy and all that - and listened to the groups out front singing. One was more of a folk-ballad group and the other was a black southern gospel quartet. Oh my goodness! They had great harmony, and their songs were more of the old-fashioned negro spiritual type - just fantastic! We really enjoyed the music.

 The southern gospel group

 At the door with my "First Starbucks Store" cup

We looked around at another mall for a bit before we went to dinner, this time at Black Angus Steakhouse. Mmmmmm . . . they had outstanding steak! We were much more satisfied and a little less stuffed that night.

Sunday morning we visited Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma. This is the church that hosts the Preacher's Delight every year, so we already knew the pastor and the church a little bit. It was strange - but also very relaxing - to just get up and go to church. No loading or unloading the car. No setup. No sound system worries. No music for me, no preaching for Wes. We loved it! A tour group of young men from Crown College in Powell, TN, was there, and we enjoyed hearing them sing. They reminded me of our boys. Which isn't hard to do.

We spent Sunday afternoon having lunch at Marie Callendars and stopping at Wal Mart to do our monthly grocery shopping. We finally got home around 9:00 that night, totally worn out but so relaxed from our time away together. It was wonderful, and hopefully we can make it more of a regular thing! ;)


  1. Enjoyed reading of your adventures!!! A great time.....

  2. LOVE the new fabric choices!!! Wish I could still do that stuff. Hands shake too much! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Diana ~~ We sure did enjoy our time away!

    Kelly ~~ I didn't realize your hands shake now. Our daughter has a condition that causes her hands to shake, and I've seen her struggle to do things. She's learning to compensate for it, but it's not easy.

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Can't wait to see what you make with the fabric.

  5. Barbara, I'm going to try my hand at making a purse and a journal cover as a gift. After that . . . I can't decide!

  6. Ooooh I love that pile of fabric!! It sounds like you had such a great time; aren't those times of refreshing the best!?

  7. Trixie ~~ They are the best! I wish we could go like that more often, but then I guess they would cease to be as special.


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