Friday, June 18, 2010

Around My House Today

After a week of soggy, cold weather, today has turned out to be gorgeous! Yesterday was so cold it felt more like October than June; the temperature was a whopping 55 degrees. While I do enjoy the much-cooler summers here, 55 is a bit cooler than even I enjoy. After all, I have cute new sandals to wear! ;)

I thought I'd show you what I'm doing today. This week and last I have been doing some sewing. I have my nine-patch blocks done, and now I need to get my sashing fabric to go around each block and to make borders. The white squares in the nine-patches are actually an off-white with a white print on them, but I don't have enough of it to do the entire sashing and borders, so I'm probably going to get a plain white fabric, just to make them consistent.

I'm also using some of my much-loved Rebel Roses! I still think it's beautiful and it almost hurt to cut it! I'm making two things from this that will be a gift - and maybe a special surprise later this month! Stay tuned! I promise to show you the gifts I'm making when they're done. This project is teaching me a bit about my sewing machine and tension settings.

Outside, things are hopping. After 3 years, our landlord has decided enough with the back yard. It was a jungle out there, and now it looks like this.

Those are layers and layers of horse manure (yes, it stinks!), about to be topped with the wood chips (which smell much better!) on the right. Our landlord has spent hours and hours out here shaping up this yard, and it will look good - I think - when it's done. The whole side of the house used to be covered in a dense overgrowth of blackberry bushes, young trees, and whatever else happened to grow there. Now it's almost completely cleared out:

On my back porch, this is the third summer for my hosta. I never do a thing to it; it loves this north side of the house with its shade and moisture, so it comes back every year to make me happy. It's producing two blooms this year! Please ignore the tiny little weeds in it. Like I said, I do nothing to it. Although I was embarrassed by those tiny weeds and pulled some of them out.

And in my front yard, a nice geranium! I decided not to plant any flowers in my pots this summer because I just don't think I'm going to have the time to devote to them. But one of our church members borrowed Wes's car last weekend and left this geranium as a thank-you. Wes won't let her put gas in the car, so I got a plant - thank you, Honey! ;) It's not filled out much yet, because I just moved it out from the porch to the front of the house today, but I expect it to take off now. I love geraniums!

Tonight is the Friday Night Sew-In for this month, so I'll be working on those projects up there this evening. Our weekend will be the usual: visiting tomorrow, preparing for church on Sunday, then full steam ahead Sunday morning. Wes has begun teaching on how to better share our faith on Sunday afternoons, and it's exciting for me. I am a big talker, but when it comes to witnessing, I get scared. Wes said this series will help me, and I've enjoyed the first week of study so much!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Is the weather hot where you live?


  1. You know the answer to that question! Yes its HOT in NC!

    I love your fabrics and the 9 patches are turning out great! I think I am working on a baby quilt tonight.

  2. LOL, Debbie!!! I guess I was a bit of a stinker asking that question! ;) I think the only place in North America that isn't hot is the Pacific Northwest and the Lower Mainland of BC. We're lapping up the warmth today!

    Looking forward to seeing your results tomorrow!

  3. It's been blazing hot here in GA and not even officially summer!

    Your nine patch is very nice! I love the blue and white!

  4. Hi Susan,
    As you know Texas is very hot and humid. Over 100 with 100% humity. LOL Your quilt squares are very pretty. I can't wait to get moved so i can get back to sewing and doing homey things I love.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today, and for leaving a comment on my Flashback Friday post. I enjoyed reading your posts. I'm new to your blog, but I've enjoyed my time here. I'll be back!

  6. Sharon ~~ I grew up in SC and have many relatives in GA, so I know that GA heat very well!

    Elizabeth ~~ Houston heat is the worst! We were there one August when we were on deputation and I thought I'd just about die. Can't wait to see your new house all set up!

    edshunnybunny ~~ I spent quite a bit of time at your blog yesterday and enjoyed it so much! Thanks for stopping by; I hope we'll become blog friends!


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