Saturday, May 15, 2010

Relaxing Saturday Evening

After a full and busy week, today has been relaxing. Wes and I went out for breakfast this morning, which was a nice end to the week. We went to a little mom-n-pop type place, and the morning was so nice we were able to eat outside on the patio! That's unusual for May early mornings here in Vancouver. Our weather has been fabulous this week - sunshine every day since last Sunday, warm - but not hot - temps every day, and nice, cool breezes off the water each evening. Our spring was late this year, so this week has been so enjoyable!

Early this afternoon we went out for some door-to-door visits in one of the North Vancouver neighborhoods. We spent a little over an hour out and met a few people, but most people are away from the house when the weather is this nice, especially if they have children. Vancouverites tend to be outdoors-type people, so when the sun comes out they're out the door to hike, picnic, sail, bike, play ball, stroll in the park . . . so it's hard to find them home on such a nice day.

After dinner this evening, while Wes put the finishing touches on his sermons for tomorrow, Beth and I went over to West Vancouver to the Seawalk. I'm trying to get a walk in each day, and the Seawalk is a relaxing way to do that. It stretches along the sea edge along the shore of West Van, and it's almost always full of other people walking, jogging, and strolling. It's a fun people-watching activity, and I always come home relaxed and refreshed.

I'm finally online for a few minutes before our favorite show, Road To Avonlea, comes on, then we'll be off to bed and ready for a good day in church tomorrow. I hope you've had a relaxing day too, and that you are blessed in your church tomorrow. See you Monday!


  1. That walk sounds lovely.

    I wish we got that Avonlea series here -- it looks neat.

    I wore Beth's necklace to church this morning. I thought it was neat how the light played off the sides of the beads -- I hadn't noticed that when I first opened it.

  2. It took a while for Road to Avonlea to grow on me, but now I love it. The series may be available at the library.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying the necklace! We were both so excited when I realized who the name was on the order. It was really neat to know who the necklace was going to.


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