Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Again!

It's almost time for the Friday Night Sew-In again. I'm undecided about what to work on. Should I work on a quilt? Or should I work on some clothes? Part of me wants to get my Road to Spring quilt quilted - just do something so it'll be finished. I'm also still working on that table runner from last month, and there's another one I'd like to cut the pieces for too. And then I have a skirt pattern, a blouse pattern, and two dress patterns that I want to make (think that's enough?!). I'm pretty sure I have CADD - crafting attention deficit disorder!

If you're joining the FNSI, let me know - we'll be working together! One thing I've seen other quilters do, that I think would be so fun, is to chat on Skype while they work. It's like working in the same room together. I think I'll also watch Emma while I work (if my reserved copy comes in at the library before Friday night, that is!). I'm just about finished with the book - for the first time - and I really want to see the movie again. I've seen bits and pieces of it with Beth and her friends, but having never read the book, I was confused and the girls kept getting frustrated with all my questions! LOL So now I need to watch it for myself.

What are your plans for Friday night?


  1. This would be fun! Maybe I'll get my self organized enough to do it. I need to sew for my Etsy shop, work on quilts, make pillows for the front porch..... too many choices.

  2. Hi may copy the post about the woman's strength...I found a paper last night I had for years that was similar..and then came up with my own ideas for it.

    Thanks for the encouraging comment!!

    By the way...I just finished a small quilt..haven't worked on Quilting in a while and now I am tuned in and ready to FINISH one a year or so ago! So go for it..and do your Quilt..I'd love to see it.

    God bless..

  3. Debbie ~~ So many choices - amen! I guess we should never be bored, huh? I hope you'll join in. There's a chance for prizes; be sure to check it out.

    HOPE ~~ Thanks for permission to post the poem you had. I'll do that Monday. I'm pretty sure I'll work on my RTS quilt; it really needs to get done so my hubby will see that I'm mending my crafting ways! LOL

  4. Lots to pick from! Enjoy your Friday night and I hope your movie came in.

  5. Well, my movie didn't come in today, so I'll have to find something else to watch or listen to! I decided to quilt my Road to Spring.

  6. Hi Susan,
    I am working n Tea Towel. I think I will cut an apron out of my Chicken fabric. that was a great ideal. Thanks so much. I am trying to get caught up with you. I add you to my link list so I could stay in touch. I love your post.

  7. Hi, Elizabeth! I see you're busy as always - an inspiration to me!


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